5 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Education

Technology is revolutionizing the education system

Remember when Internet meant an alien spaceship-like sound of the dial-up connection and everybody loved technology for adding colors to our television sets? It is the 21st century, and the technology today can change your brain, literally, and interpret your dreams. And in the process of changing everything that came its way, it revolutionized education. And we are glad we lived to see it do so, and beautifully.

Looking back, we’re listing five ways in which tech absolutely altered education.

1. What’s the latest?

Information is no longer limited to books. Yes, books still hold water, but not as much as the Internet. Education aided by technology has crossed all boundaries of time and space. New information today can become obsolete tomorrow. There’s always something latest happening somewhere across the globe.

2. Read from across the globe

It was in 1971 that Michael Hart invented eBooks. And oh the doors that opened. Students no longer just had memberships to school, university or local libraries, but their libraries expanded worldwide. Google’s library project and Amazon’s Kindle are some of the best examples of bringing books from across the globe to the palms of students.

3. I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

Till some years ago, teachers could only tell students how physics works. But now, thanks to multimedia, they can not only show students how motion, acceleration, gravity and mass work together, but make them play games to actually understand the concepts.

4. No sense of time and space

Whoever thought education can only take place in classrooms? The innovation of virtual schools has broken all conformity of traditional schooling. Schooling now happens in parks, bedrooms, in airplanes; wherever and whenever the pupil wants to learn and also gets a degree with the same. No kidding.

5. Tell me more!

Technology, in the form of mobile applications and internet has come to the rescue of students who want to read more and more about a particular subject. Schools cannot help a child in gaining in-depth knowledge of specific topics. But the Internet can. Children today can be found exploring the skies and discovering stars. Technology, we love you.

The increase in digital technology also corresponds to the increased use of technology in both offline and virtual classrooms. Technology has enhanced the future of learning and has enabled students and teachers from across the globe to connect and work together for the common love of learning.

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