Debunking Top 5 Myths About Homeschooling

Debunking homeschool myths

Homeschooling can be amazing, and most people don’t recognize its value because of the myths that cloud the idea. Some ideas surrounding homeschooling can be so ridiculous they are laughable.
So here are a few myths that surround the idea of homeschooling that absolutely need to be busted!

Myth 1: Homeschooled kids don’t socialize

This is an absolute farce idea. Regular schools have budget constraints, we all know that. And owing to this constraint, schools cannot undertake more than a very few field trips. But that’s not the case with homeschoolers. Parents can take children out almost every week if they wish to.
Secondly, regular school kids often make friends with only a set group of people who stay friends over the years. However, homeschooled kids are the lucky ones who not only interact with people around them but also with people of different ages, sex, race and community. If this isn’t socializing, what is?
Thirdly, the time taken up by regular school can be utilized in engaging activities like dramatics, sports, painting, or almost anything the kid wants to invest their time in. Thus, meeting new people!

Myth 2: Homeschooling is not an accepted form of education

Hear this… Homeschooling has been around for more than a hundred years, that’s probably older than most of our current education systems.
The number of children homeschooling in the United States is estimated to be between 1.8 million and 2.5 million! This cannot happen if it weren’t accepted as a legal form of education.

Myth 3: Homeschooled children cannot/do not go to college

Homeschooled children are more likely to attend college! 66.7% of homeschooled children, compared to 57.5% of traditional public school children enter college in the United States. Some top-tier colleges like Yale, Dartmouth, and UC Berkeley actually seek out homeschooled kids and accept them at a high rate. The reason for special treatment is that the schools recognize the unique qualities and skills that such children often possess, such as being self-motivated and self-disciplined.

Myth 4: Parents aren’t qualified to teach

Parents in many ways are the first teacher of the child. Parents are the most qualified people to teach their children because the trust and support that a teacher needs is already established in the case of parents.
Also, because of various digital education platforms like International Schooling, parents do not have to really school their children. The online schooling designs curriculum and classes for the kids. Parents today have resources and tools readily available to make education and schooling an easy process for themselves and their kids.

Myth 5: Homeschooling is an option only in the USA

Because a lot of discussion goes on around the homeschooling ideas and techniques in the United States, most people tend to believe the myths that the option of homeschooling is available only in the United States.
In Europe, virtually every country, except Germany, allows homeschooling with the United Kingdom and France very popular for homeschoolers. Homeschooling has also been growing in the Middle East, Africa. In fact, homeschooling has exploded in several other countries, including India, Brazil, Singapore and China.

Well, now you know that most things you heard were probably absolutely false. Homeschooling is great if done well. Yes, of course, it can go wrong if not taken care of, but with a combination of hard work, cooperation, and support from other homeschooling families, children and parents alike can gain immensely from this flexible mode of education.

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