Reasons to Homeschool Through High School

It is easier to homeschool high school

In popular opinion regular school is a superior mode of schooling as compared to its homeschool  counterpart. However, as a parent of a homeschool child I would beg to differ. In my opinion, homeschooled children are often happier and more confident than children who attend regular school.

• Children are free to attend other activities or career perspectives like dancing, art, sports or other activities as per their desire and liking. This leaves them free to pursue their passion without compromising on their education.

• Children who studied at homeschool have been found to have a better prospect in higher education than children who go to regular school. They are actually more likely to go to college.

• The social adeptness and emotional IQ of the homeschooled child is much higher than a regular schooled child. The reason could be that the child is more exposed to family and social situations as she spends more time with them.

• Parents spend more time with the child and that leads to a better parenting and security for the child. The child learns faster as the parent is involved in every stage of the schooling process.

• Last but not the least, homeschooled children are in no peer pressure, or performance anxiety situations. They tend to be free from stress and anxiety making them happier and more confident.

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