Conventional School Vs Homeschool

Coventional school or homeschool future of education

The debate over conventional school versus homeschool is one that has no conclusion. Proponents of both streams advocate their process to be better. The truth of the matter is simple. Both processes cannot be replaced. Each has its own efficacy in the education hierarchy.

• Children need a routine to feel secure and work to their optimum :

This is true in many cases but not always. Gifted or slow children, children with ADHD and children with physical disabilities and challenges are better suited to homeschooling where the time is flexible rather than conventional school which is more of a routine task for the child. The child can take more frequent breaks but the parent has to set a routine and time for the child to be followed religiously.

• Conventional schooling has full time teachers :

Conventional school teachers are responsible for the child’s learning. The argument in favor of homeschooling is that the parent is the teacher who is aware of the child’s needs at the optimum level and can be equally participatory in the education delivery system. The teachers are easily accessible over email, phone or messaging.

• Quality of education :

The third point that is often raised is the quality of education is not standard. This actually in the opinion of homeschoolers is not a valid argument at all. The child can choose a course that suits his needs and level and learn at his own pace. This actually makes it a better option for many kids who are gifted learners or children who also pursue full time activities like sports, dancing or art etc. the trick is to look for a homeschooling program that has state approval, a good reputation and has a compatibility with higher learning centers.

• Enrolling the child in a sports activity and social groups :

The most convincing argument against homeschooling is that the children lack social contact and physical activity. This can be alleviated by enrolling the child in a sports activity and social groups. Studies show that homeschooled children have a better social and emotional EQ.

Choosing a good program like International Schooling is important as it measures up to all the points raised against the merits of homeschooling.

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