Chief Visionary

Teachers are generally known to be good story tellers and most of them are also very fond of narrating stories, so I will begin with one which happened in my class quite a long time ago… When I was teaching English in Grade 3 pretty early in my career, one day, I gave all students an assignment where they were to identify a few animals and write the name of the animal that it was. Once the assignment finished, I asked students to come up with the names and raise their hand as I called out the picture number. The fifth picture in the sequence was that of a hedgehog and when we reached there, Ashley raised her hand and excitedly she answered Egle (pronounced it as EAGLE) and all the students in the class burst into a loud laughter. I told Ashley that I appreciate her enthusiasm however it’s not an EAGLE. Ashley didn’t say anything and sat down, while all students shouted in loud unison that it’s a hedgehog. The class finished and I was about to leave, I saw Ashley’s face which was a little sad. At the end of the day, I sent a note to Ashley to meet me in the teachers’ common room. She came and I asked her what made her think it looked like an EAGLE. She said she had a German mother and in German they call a hedgehog an EGLE (pronounced somewhat similar to how an eagle is pronounced). I was taken aback and felt a little hollow about my presumptiveness of assuming that her answer was wrong and not inquiring about her reasoning in the classroom. I asked her why she didn’t point this out right there when everyone in the classroom was laughing at her answer. 

She said that she didn’t want me to feel embarrassed in front of everyone because I didn’t know this. What Ashley taught me in that one moment, has stayed with me all my life. A student must be encouraged to paint the canvas of her own learning however she wants, and a teacher’s job is to provide that canvas and all colors possible. At International Schooling, I and my colleagues do exactly that.

My conservative estimate allows me to guess that I would have visited no less than 10,000 schools in my life time of almost 50 years in the field of school education, in multiple capacities, including as a teacher, school administrator, supervisor, accreditation expert and parent. These 10,000 schools have a spread across multiple cultures, grades and over 100 countries. Every visit has been unique in one aspect or the other and very day of this experience has been a ‘humbling’ learning opportunity for me. I think after heading the world’s largest education agency’s international division for 10 years, it was my responsibility to create something that brings together all my learning and leaves a positive and lasting self-sustainable model of student-learning in this world, for the future generations of students to make the most of. That’s how the concept of International Schooling was conceived around 9 years ago.

Enter the world of International Schooling and start dreaming. I and my team members are here to hand-hold you and help you become strong, independent and most of all ‘happy’ learners…

Prayers, wishes and thumbs up!

Rob Leveillee

Chief Visionary

International Schooling

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