Homeschooling Must-Haves: Top 8 Essentials for a Successful Journey

Homeschooling essentials

Homeschooling is more about textbooks and notepads. You also need other materials to keep the process running. However, there isn’t an ideal list! Even the most pro of the homeschoolers misses out on things that are required to make the experience perfect. But there are certainly a few must-haves and here is a list of the top 8 essentials you should include in your homeschooling journey.

1.  Papers, white and coloured

Trust me, you will need a lot. Loose sheets are handy when you have to make a quick note or doodle in between a long session.

2. Coloured Pens

Essentials for taking down notes in an organised fashion. Keep a few side colours along with the main one and encourage your children to use them every time.

3. Books, for all ages

These are the most essential assets you can ever have in homeschooling. Develop the habit of reading in your children and divide the books into sections according to age. Keep a few for yourself as well for the times you need to de-stress.

4. Whiteboard

To have your weeks and months written down. This will keep your whole family organised and every member will know their role. You will also find things are getting done faster and people are meeting their deadlines.

5. Craft materials

You should stock up on the basic essentials. Scissors, glue, paint, brushes, boards, clips, tissue rolls, paper plates, cello tape and so on. Invest in a simple wall hanger to keep these in your children’s reach and refill before you run out.

6. “How to” Apps

You cannot always conjure new homeschooling ideas and this is where the internet plays its part. Mobile apps like Pinterest or YouTube are great platforms to get DIY ideas. You may sit down with the task together and get creative often.

7. Fun and Patience

Although an intangible ingredient unlike others, you must keep the fun and patience part alive. Not every plan will fall into place, not every idea will work out. You need to hold your patience at these times. As for the fun part, you owe it to your children as learning should never be boring.

8. Freedom to Imagine

The greatest gift one can have according to the famous author J.K. Rowling. Imagination will help your children succeed in their future and see them through their toughest times. You must encourage them to imagine and keep the positivity alive.

And that will do. For the rest, you can improvise and slowly build up. Again, there is no perfect list and what you have should do the trick.

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