Maximize Your Results: Powerful Studying hard Tips to Boost Your Grades

How to Ace Your Exams 10 Studying Hard Tips That Actually Work in 2024

All students wish to reach their academic goals. But not all of them know ‘how to study’ for the best results. Many students struggle to figure out if they should study hard or if there is a real way to get good grades and STUDY SMART?

We will cut the long story short today. And help you with some practical tips about studying hard.

Without much ado, let’s begin with all the relevant information.

What Does Studying Hard Mean?

In simple terms, studying hard means putting in the required effort to achieve the defined academic goals. This process involves defining the learning outcomes. Throughout the academic year, students attend sessions/classes, make notes, revise, and re-revise for the final assessments. For different students, there are different best ways to study. Hence, there is no strict rule that guarantees 100% results or performance for all types of students across age groups.

In this world of educational alternatives like online schooling, hybrid learning, etc. age-old beliefs are now challenged with new ways and techniques. Let’s discuss the best ways to study for enhanced productivity in this digital era.

Do I Really Need to Study Hard?

According to the American Psychological Association, many students get tempted to cram before exams. However, cramming is their biggest mistake.

An eminent College psychologist, Nate Kornell, (PhD) states that cramming can be a trick to pass exams. However, it does not help a student in any other way. Because eventually, the student will not remember anything later. This proves that a student need not study hard haphazardly. In fact, it is much better to use mindful tricks than studying hard the wrong way. Today, the world is highly skill-driven. As a result, even good results cannot serve any purpose if one is not able to use/apply the acquired knowledge in real-life situations. While cramming is not an ideal technique for any student. Instead, it should be replaced with deep understanding and the focus should be on mastery level learning.

Reasons to study Hard

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How to Study Hard?

Read on for the best ways to study for the most productive results.

Plan Schedules Mindfully

Well-planned schedules with proper spaced-out learning time are highly beneficial ways to studying hard. This will help your brain to consolidate and retain learning better. So try out studying different subjects in a day. And break down all chunks into smaller units to reduce the burden.

You can download a couple of planners, calendars, applications, etc. to keep track of your learning. All this will reduce your stress levels effectively.

<In the U.S.A., stress and anxiety in teenagers are massive problems. 40% of parents felt that their children in high school had a lot of stress. While 56% of students said that their stress levels increased after the pandemic.>

High school students experience lots of stressSchool stress increased after the pandemic
Stress in students | plan schedules mindfully | how to study hard

Do read our detailed article on ‘Time Management Skills for Students’ to know about the researched benefits of spacing study sessions.

Do Not Skip Breaks

22 studies across 30 years have proved that regular short breaks are beneficial for the functioning of the mind. These help in rejuvenating the brain. And give the necessary downtime to perform better in the next working session/task.

You will be surprised to know that a simple 15-minute break can replenish your mind magically. In fact, it can also bring some clarity to your mind. Planning a good amount of break breaks is one of the best study tips and tricks for all types of students. However, you must keep a check on your activities. And prefer to indulge more in physical activity or healthy snacking instead of just gazing at the mobile phone.

Use Repeated Writing

Many students who enroll in online schools and even the ones in traditional schools often overlook the importance of simple manual activities. Do you know that you can recall something better if you take down some notes with a pen and a paper/notebook?

The impact of simple writing can never fade away from a student’s life. Because repeated writing on a physical paper leads to more activity in our brain.

In an interesting study between different groups that used digital devices and hands, it was concluded that physical note-taking task was completed by the group 25% faster than their counterparts. So now you can relate how repeated writing technique is one of the most infallible tips about studying.

Physical note taking is 25%  faster | Study hard tips

Take Up the Right Study Techniques (Metacognition Theory)

Research proves that the metacognitive strategy (theory introduced by John Flavell in the 1970s) is highly effective in developing self-regulation skills. This strategy includes self-testing i.e. students can learn by assessing their strengths and weaknesses. All this eventually helps in managing emotions, and time, better. In addition, it also resolves problems related to poor motivation for learning, etc.

This process can be followed by developing a habit of reflecting upon one’s process of learning. The steps are:

  • Deciding the learning goals
  • How to learn
  • What can be the problems
  • Possible solutions for problems  

In the middle of the process keep asking yourself how the learning is going. And see if you need to make any changes or modifications to the existing plan.

Use strategies like these to know the ideal way that works best for you. And decide how to study for the best productivity.

Adopt The Best Practices of Online Schools

Zero procrastination, deep understanding, end-of-lesson quiz, and creating action plans for learning gaps. The best practices of online schools are helpful for any student even in a traditional learning environment. Learn to be more independent as a student. Because this will make you more disciplined and self-reliant for exam preparation. 

10 Study Hard Tips & Strategies (for both Online and traditional School students)

  1. Use strategies that are tailored to your learning style.
  2. Practice efficient habits to study well that proved to be a success in the past.
  3. Follow your study schedules diligently.
  4. Always break down complex topics into smaller units.
  5. Seek help and support from teachers/learning coaches as and when you need it.
  6. Be thorough with the topic to develop sound understanding.
  7. Take feedback seriously, and work on your learning gaps.
  8. Follow the best ways to study such as sitting in the front row, spacing lessons, etc.
  9. Never cultivate habits of procrastination.
  10. Think laterally and experiment new strategies mindfully.

Benefits of Studying Hard

  • Improves knowledge of the subject
  • Helps in pursuing disciplines at a later stage.
  • Builds a solid academic foundation.
  • Helps in pursuing career goals.
  • Makes a student proficient in creating strategies that promote good study habits.  
  • Determines academic success along with one’s growth and development

Final Thoughts

For students, it is quite normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious while preparing for exams. However, by following the most effective study tips for students, you can avoid academic stress. And devise the right plan that works for you.

Understand your study cycle well and be open to changes if you feel the need for any!

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some studying hard tips?
    You must study tips and tricks like distraction-free study space. Follow schedules well, and use techniques like metacognition and spacing lessons.
  • What are some benefits of study hard?
    When you study hard, you create a solid academic foundation for the upcoming years of your educational journey. All this makes an individual more disciplined and focused in life.

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