10 Ways To Make International Mother’s Day Enjoyable For Homeschool Moms

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International Mother’s day is just around the corner, why not do something special and host a soiree for your homeschool mom! Homeschool moms have a ‘LOT’ on their plate, they deserve some special treatment, few mother’s day gifts and lots of attention on their big day. 

Here’s How You Can Make International Mother’s Day Special For All!

1. Art and craft

You can create a mother’s day special art piece for your homeschool mom. There are some incredible tutorials that can help you find your muse. Create some lovely landscapes or a beautiful portrait whatever you choose just make sure it is made with LOVE!

2. Chef for a day

Homeschool moms toil away all day with the child’s studies, homework, cooking and other chores. The best gifts for homeschooling moms on international mother’s day is to take away some of the burden.  Treat mommy dearest with some yummy dishes and let her enjoy breakfast in bed. You can visit the International schooling blog for some delectable mother’s day breakfast in bed ideas.

3. Let music fill her soul

Go online and find some relaxing songs for a tranquil background track. Play the music in the house all day long so that mom can find some peace on her special day.

4. Show off your penmanship

To make International Mother’s Day all about homeschool mothers! Read some poems dedicated to moms. If you have a poet hidden in you then you can also attempt to write a poem of your own. Once you have selected a poem, it’s time to flaunt your penmanship by giving mom a mother’s day special handwritten poem.

5. Flowers

The blossoming view of lovely flowers should be the first thing that mom sees on International Mother’s Day. Buying a gorgeous bouquet is one way to go, however, a better idea would be to pick the flowers yourself. You can also try your hands at some flower crafts.

6. Tea Party

Throw a mother’s day special surprise tea party for your homeschool mom and her besties.  You can set up the get-together in your own backyard. Add some flowers, some music and a lot of refreshments to make it a gala affair.

7. Candles

Our list of mother’s day gifts ideas would be incomplete without the luminous glow and gentle warmth of candles. Light up your homeschool mom’s special day by decorating the whole house with candles. You can create a DIY homemade candle by drawing a picture of mommy on a wax paper then wrapping it around the candle and heating it up with a dryer until the picture is melted onto the candle.

8. Mothers Day gifts

If you are not already enrolled in any homeschool program or are thinking about changing, make a wise choice and register with International Schooling homeschool program. The flexible work environment, the capable teachers and the globally relevant curriculum of this accredited online schooling program will make your mom’s life easier and happier.

9. Clean up the mess

Not keeping things in order would do any other day but not on mother’s day. On this special day do some binge cleaning and get rid of all the mess. A clean and sorted house is a dream-come-true for a homeschool mom!

10. Record a tribute video for mom

To mark the special occasion of international mother’s day, record a tribute video and have all family members say a few lines about mom. You can add some fun remarks from your mom’s BFF’S.

In the end:

As homeschoolers, you are constantly supported by your mom’s efforts. Once a year you also need to buck up and show mom how much you appreciate all that she does. Plan and prepare for a special day for her and let her sit back and enjoy some quality time with you!

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