Top 5 Breakfast in Bed Ideas for International Mother’s Day

Mother's day - Breakfast ideas

One of the most loved ideas to start pampering your mother early in the morning on International Mother’s Day is to bring her breakfast in bed. The idea of giving her those extra precious moments to relax is one of the oldest ones, but also the most appreciated. A well-decorated tray with a vase of her favourite flowers and her favoured breakfast is always special.

Top 5 Breakfast in bed ideas to impress your mother on International Mother’s Day

It is a good idea to prepare a pretty Mother’s Day special tray. Take a deep tray from which you cannot drop anything and can fill it to the brim with goodies. Put a small vase with a flower and some pretty foliage on one side, a starched linen napkin and a small but lovingly worded card in one corner. Make sure you know her favourite foods. Do cook only the ones that you can manage without destroying her kitchen! Or she may end up scrubbing the kitchen the next day.

French Toast:

A simple French toast with fruit and syrup along with fresh whipped or clotted cream is always a safe bet. You can add her favourite cereals and a cup of the beverage she likes.

Simple Toast with butter:

Toast with butter, eggs of choice, cereals and an assortment of jams, jellies and marmalade is a safe bet too if you are not much of a cook.

Waffles :

Waffles with a large helping of chocolate sauce and maybe some decadent ice cream can be the perfect Mother’s Day special breakfast that will win your mother’s heart. Warm and crisp waffles topped with fresh strawberries and cream is a scrumptious treat that most moms love. Premixed waffle mixes can make your task easy.

Pancake :

A pancake, both savoury and sweet with a host of toppings is a sure-fire hit. Add a cup of maple syrup, and some bananas and berries and cream to treat your mother to a delightful breakfast.

Paranthas :

Indian breakfast treats like crisp and spicy potato paranthas with pickles and yoghurt can be easy to make and a delight to the senses. There are many variations if you want. Any vegetable like cauliflowers, cabbage, peas can be used to make a filling. Now a day’s pre-cooked paranthas are available in the market. All you need to do is heat it on the skittle with some butter. She will be so impressed with your culinary skills.

To sum up:

For Mother’s Day, special breakfast in bed try to cook something you can manage well and leave the impression building for a time when your mom is in the kitchen to supervise you. The lovely beginning will be the start to a day that will be loving and joyous.

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