Exploring the Wider Perspective of Girl Education in the Pandemic Era

Girl Education । Happy Women’s Dat

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”- Diane Mariechild

Indeed! Women are the lifeline of our society and we owe them innumerable things that often go unnoticed! Since ancient times, gender inequalities exist in the society and woman rights are ignored in every sphere of life. Despite these challenges, women-power has still proved its capabilities in times of need.

And the most recent example of their exceptional calibre

is their support during the global pandemic.

At this crucial time when the world had to combat the greatest challenge of all times, once again the female power outshined its male counterparts and proved its strength to the world.   

In a world where girl education is still a burning issue, our courageous women chose to LEAD FROM THE FRONT.  

Even the political arena witnessed a stupendous support system created by women. As some great female leaders took exceptional actions to save the people of economic hardships in their nation. Such demonstration of outstanding decision-making skills was able to subdue the consequences of the pandemic to a great extent.

This year’s International Women’s Day 2021, with its

theme– ‘Women in Leadership, Achieving an equal future

in the COVID-19 world’ -highlights the indispensable

contributions of women-power during the pandemic


Reminds us of our role to empower them in the

post-pandemic recovery era.

Certainly, the post-pandemic world will once again need powerful female support at the recovery stage. But unfortunately, our ground-level realities of girl education and other inequalities hold us back from reaching our goals.

Even today, numerous barriers in the life of females, hamper their educational journey and they fail to discover their true potential.

Be it the teen pregnancy rates, sole parenting issues, gender-biases or security problems, these issues create a huge vacuum in the lives of females and deprive them of a productive life. 

Statistics show that in the USA alone, only 50% of teen mothers earn a high school diploma. Which means that the rest are deprived of a chance to lead a productive life.

Other than this, COVID-19 has also left us at the risk of reversing almost 20 valuable years in the improvement of girl education.

So, Now is the time to explore a wider perspective

of Girl education and rethink our educational

system once again.

To safeguard the rights of our female students and improve their growth opportunities, quality education is a credible tool. With high teen pregnancy rates and other social barriers, they cannot fulfil their dreams of quality education easily.

One way of improving their plight is to create an alternative schooling pattern that can reach out to a wider female population easily.

in today’s digital age, virtual schooling is a good start

to improve the prospects of girl education.

At International Schooling, we appreciate and acknowledge the right of female students to visit a physical school to study. However, as stakeholders, we are also concerned about the girls who are deprived of this opportunity.  

So, through our alternative schooling option, we wish to expand educational opportunities for all female students over and above the regular platforms.

Through online education, we aim at improving the inclusion rates of female students to safeguard women rights. In this way, we wish to contribute towards a more gender-inclusive society.

Our programs are customizable solutions to

meet the needs of female students

International Schooling’s virtual programs reduce the educational pre-requisites to the minimum and support girl education through online schooling. Our idea is to improve the situation of female students at the ground level and protect their rights for a better tomorrow. So now female students can customize their education as per their conveniences and enjoy easy access to quality education.

This International Women’s Day 2021, we explore

the wider perspective of female education


Choose to be the agents of this change


The best appreciation of female power in our lives is to

empower them through girl education!

Thanks for Reading and Happy Women’s Day to You!

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