Why Homework Assignments Are Not So Effective at the Elementary Stage?

An elementary enrolled student sitting in front of laptop and doing homework

Homework assignments extends learning opportunities for a student beyond the defined school hours. So, we often believe that it teaches good study habits and creates a continuity of learning after school hours.

Over time, we have accepted homework assignments as an essential part of the educational process.

But despite all these beliefs, is it right to consider homework beneficial for all students in the initial stages of formal education?

To answer this question, let us analyze the aspects of extended learning and its utility for elementary kids

  • Statistics have shown that 21% of teachers who taught first graders expected students to devote at least 30 minutes at home (for reading) –Source – The Ministry of Education, USA.
  • 31% of teachers anticipated the same duration for 3rd graders, and for 5th graders, this duration increased up to 53%.

It’s easy to understand that the burden of homework increases with the advancing grades.

But is it serving its actual purpose in elementary education for students and teachers?

Let’s decode this point further.

In most traditional institutions, homework is a poorly planned exercise that is almost like a ‘retrieval practice,’ which involves memory level teaching. Teachers expect students to recall information through repeated attempts and want them to store facts in their minds.

This memory level teaching mostly deals with cramming and recalling processes. Hence, very often, the students forget whatever they learn after the exams.

The most unfortunate part about such home assignments is that they do not focus on concept building; instead, they promote re-studying habits that do not help the learner to develop high-order thinking.

Often, teachers do not focus on the quality of homework assignments and miss out on their validation part.

UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education states that homework should be meaningful, necessary, periodic, and well-planned. This report also highlights the importance of a teacher’s validation of a home-based assignment.

But on a ground level, several teachers do not cross-validate home assignments well. So, the real purpose of this extra work remains defeated.

Because of these voids, this burden of extra learning does no good for students. It creates additional issues for young students.

Studies have shown that homework is not beneficial for elementary kids. It increases family stress and the academic burden of students. At times it can also lead to sleep disorders and health issues.

Instead of sticking to ‘JUST HOMEWORK,’ it is better to improve our instructional delivery.

Thanks to the modern digital educational landscape, it has a credible solution to extended learning beyond school hours. Today, top virtual platforms have created a schooling system that minimizes the hardships related to home assignments. These best online high schools cater to the student’s learning needs without adding to her/his academic burden.

Yes! This digital age can replace homework Assignments with quality learning and interactive projects within the scheduled learning hours!

At International Schooling, we ensure top-quality virtual classes through experienced world-class teachers. So, right since the elementary education level, we plan and execute instructional delivery to develop students’ conceptual understanding.

Our innovative digital classroom uses a scientific approach to teach students. Through our online pedagogies and application of physiological theories, we create a better learning environment for students.

Our carefully planned educational programs help students grasp and retain information within their regular synchronous and asynchronous learning duration. So, the need to devote extra hours (apart from their daily schedule) to studies gets minimized.


In the US, parents devoted 6.2 hours per week to their child’s homework assignments without any evidence of improved academic performances. All this time should be constructively used for hobbies, recreational activities, and learning new skills.

Today, it is high time we realize the importance of QUALITY OVER QUANTITY so that our students learn for excellence and not just rush with classwork and homework alone!

International Schooling can ease your burden and provide a high-quality schooling experience!

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