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Thousands of students and parents across the world trust International Schooling not only because of our intuitive digital curriculum or our interactive Learning Management System, but also because of our association with giants offering exceptional academic content. Discovery Education, USA, the award-winning digital content platform, has partnered with International Schooling to change the lives of thousands of learners across the globe! Students would now be able to deepen their understanding on diverse concepts and strengthen their fundamentals with the 3 unique Discovery Education Curriculum Packs namely Stem Connect, Science Techbook, and Coding from Kindergarten – Grade 12. Discovery Education, USA has the useful tools and relevant content to engage students and assist them in gaining professional inspiration every day.

STEM Connect weaves the 4Cs—communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking—into each lesson and progresses across grade levels to encourage deeper understanding and engagement for all students. 

With Discovery Education Coding, students develop computational thinking skills through-logical reasoning, and imaginative problem-solving. It helps students in gaining a secure understanding of coding concepts like algorithms, sequences and variables.

Science Techbook offers students immersive, interactive, and creative ways to explore including hands-on engineering activities and labs, virtual investigations, and STEM connections.

Why discovery education partnered with International Schooling

This is an interesting question with a definite answer! Discovery Education, USA is a name that speaks for itself, and has been playing a pivotal role, shaping the lives of millions of students across the world. International Schooling itself has been a pioneer in exhibiting high quality academic excellence, steering its students to their maximum potential and in guiding them to a brighter future. Discovery Education, USA understood the firm ideals on which International Schooling is built, and collaborated to strengthen the common vision of nurturing young minds and preparing the students for the challenging careers of tomorrow. This fruitful association is a power house for students and teachers alike, boosting their creative genius through academics. 

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