Responsibilities of Teachers: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

Responsibilities Of Teachers A Comprehensive Guide For 2024

You must have heard that a good teacher instills a love for learning!

Indeed! Teaching is a highly rewarding profession. Because it lays the foundation for all other professions in the world!

A good teacher is a mentor and a coach, he/she supports students through all the rough and easy phases of their educational journey. This article will cover the responsibilities of teachers in detail to help them discover their true potential in the teaching role.

We will discuss tips and responsibilities for online teachers. However, the ones who teach in traditional schools can also make use of these tips.

Before we discuss the duties and responsibilities of a teacher, let’s discuss some facts.

Changes in the Teaching Profession in the Past Decade

The role and teaching responsibilities of a teacher have undergone a major shift in the past years. Many policies and practices of the education industry have changed considerably in the past decade. Especially after the pandemic, the skills of online teaching are in high demand.

Do you know that it is highly beneficial for teachers in physical schools to learn the art of online teaching in this digital age?


An interesting survey highlights that 44% of the teachers believed that they would take up online teaching voluntarily in the future.

Percentage of teachers believed that they would take up online teaching

Let’s help you understand the actual roles and responsibilities of online teachers now.

What are the Responsibilities of Teachers in Online Classes?

Instructional Delivery

One of the primary teaching responsibilities of a teacher is to prepare and deliver lessons. This includes great details in the planning process (lesson planning). Because a teacher needs to keep in mind the learning styles of students. And prepare as per their potential to grasp new concepts. He/she also needs to take care of exceptions as well such as gifted or slow learners. In an online class with a heterogeneous group, an online teacher decides the goals and objectives in mind along with the level of the student’s previous knowledge that is used to construct new knowledge.

We have already discussed that 21st-century learning is more about facilitating than the mundane chalk-and-talk methods.  A trained online teacher is responsible for planning instructions in a highly engaging manner. One of the best ways to do this is through active student participation. Like traditional teachers, online educators also know the duties and responsibilities of a teacher. They create a personalized rapport with students even during their asynchronous learning duration.

Do you know that online teachers can communicate with students through multiple modes?

Yes! These teachers actively support students during their self-study duration (asynchronous). 

Promote Student Engagement

Student engagement is a compelling factor that promotes student achievement. And one of the roles of teachers is to use his/her expertise to create a positive learning environment for the best classroom experience.

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Ensuring a Safe Learning Environment

A responsible teacher knows the shortcomings of our schooling environment. He/she ensures that students have a conducive learning space at all times.

As of 2019, 22.2% of the students reported bullying instances. The percentage of male victims was 19.1% while the same was 25.5% for the female students.

Percentage of students bullied in schools

bullying percentage by gender

Collaborate with Parents

Teachers are second parents, and they need to work in collaboration with the student’s parents at all times. In a virtual learning environment, there is great emphasis on the duties and responsibilities of a teacher to stay connected with the parent community. Teachers need to keep the parents posted about any problems that they notice with the child’s progress. In addition, they are also answerable for conducting regular parent-teacher meetings as well.

Online teachers do have an edge over traditional teachers to track the student’s progress minutely. The support of technology in education such as the advanced learning portals of accredited online schools (like International Schooling) and innovative tools through artificial intelligence helps them to identify all learning gaps.

In an online school, the student’s progress and feedback are a mix of technology-based findings along with the human touch of expert educators. The teaching role of educators is to identify their areas of improvement along with the parents. Because in a virtual school, parents/guardians/caregivers are the learning coaches for the students.   

If you wish to know about the use of artificial intelligence in education, read this informational article as well!

Self-Improvement for Job-Embedded Responsibilities

Professional development helps teachers learn the techniques that help in planning (and delivering) instructions for differentiated learning. For an online teacher, professional development and self-improvement is a great way to learn new ways of using technology. In addition, it also helps them to hone their relevant skills such as recording/creating videos/assignments and uploading these. Self-improvement is the key to learning better ways to fulfill all teaching responsibilities of a teacher.

Here’s a quick look at the types of professional development activities among English language teachers as of 2021:

Data for teachers working in both private and public sectors-

PD Activity%
Online sources70%
Educational videos62%
Classroom research37%
Discussion groups with colleagues37%
 Support group Membership8%
Attending  workshops/conferences8%
Reading journals4%
type of pd activity

Harnessing The Benefits of Technology

The next one on the list of the responsibilities of teachers is the use of technology. An online teacher is on a constant lookout for new and creative ways to deliver classes, help students with extra resources, and promote student engagement.  A good teacher uses this support to encourage peer tutoring, live interactions, use adaptive systems, to drive the learning outcomes. Because virtual learning has a lot of scope for innovation.

Do you know how a flipped classroom model deepens the student’s knowledge, unlike any other mode?


The support of technology helps students to learn outside the defined time frame of a regular classroom. A teacher further adds more creativity to promote collaboration (which also strengthens intercultural understanding).

Support Skill-building

This digital age is all about skill-building and therefore, the roles of teachers are also defined as per the paradigm of the 21st century. Today, skills hold more importance over and above the regular content knowledge. These skills are the foundation for building a promising career.

Do you know that 12% of male teenagers in the U.S.A. wish to be athletes? While 11% of them want to be YouTubers.

Dream Profession of Male

The female teenagers shared the following dream professions:

Dream profession of female teenagers in USA

Effective Tips to Become a Responsible Teacher

  • Prepare thoroughly for your primary duty of as a teacher and work hard for lesson planning, this will make it easier to deliver lessons.
  • Learn to adapt to new situations to thrive in the evolving educational landscape.
  • Be open to feedback and all types of constructive criticism as well.
  • Stay updated with the uses of technology to manage workload (administrative and other tasks).
  • Learn positive classroom management techniques to create a conducive learning environment. 
  • Always be clear about your goals.
  • Build a good rapport. Take extra effort to know your students well. 
Tips to become a responsible teacher | Responsibilities of Teachers

Before we wrap up, let’s discuss the qualities of a good teacher.

10 Qualities of a Good Teacher

  1. Motivates students
  2. Possesses skills needed for teaching
  3. Is committed to the welfare of students
  4. Appreciates diversity
  5. Creates a trusting learning environment
  6. Nurtures critical thinking
  7. Fosters teamwork
  8. Focuses on self-improvement
  9. Provides feedback
  10. Stays Updated with new trends

Final Thoughts

With the evolving needs of 21st-century teaching, the responsibilities of teachers are also changing rapidly. The duty of teacher in an online learning environment is to be proactive with the progress and needs of students. Because virtual learning offers a host of opportunities for creativity and innovation. An online educator is the best mentor for students to teach them the ways to manage their time and energy effectively.

The role of an online educator is somewhat different from a traditional teacher. But again, the pleasure of nurturing future-ready citizens is unparalleled irrespective of the mode of teaching.

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Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main roles of teachers?
    The main roles of teachers are preparing for lessons, delivering content, engaging students, working on professional development and managing administrative tasks etc.
  • Which is the most important part of the teaching role?
    A teacher must be well prepared for the class, and stay updated about the new changes of the education industry to create a superior learning experience.
  • Mention the top 10 responsibilities of a teacher?
Top 10 responsibilities of a teacher
Learns innovative ways to help students stay engaged
Believes in teamwork
Is committed to the welfare of students
Must possess all necessary skills for administrative tasks
 Creates a welcoming  environment
Promotes creative thinking
Is open to feedback
Works on self-improvement
Always motivates students
Fosters intercultural understanding and celebrates diversity
Responsibility of teacher
  • What should a responsible teacher ensure about the classroom environment?
    The primary duty of a teacher is to create a conducive learning environment that is free from bias, discrimination and hatred.

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