Qualities of Good Students: How to Nurture Them in Online School

Qualities of Good Students_ How to Nurture Them in Online School

The good qualities of students are beyond just attending classes and making notes. These essential attributes determine long-term success. In addition, these are key to unlocking great opportunities in adulthood.

Let’s delve into this topic right away!

Why Are qualities of good students Important for Success?

A student’s qualities determine future success in many ways. Here’s a look at these:

Better Academic Success/Prospects

Let’s understand this point through a related example:

In today’s competitive world, a student needs a good person qualities to explore the best opportunities in higher education. According to a leading international magazine, 91% of the admission officers in universities look for qualities like determination and commitment in students.

Percentage of officers look for determination and commitment

General Life Success

By developing the qualities of good students, there is also a higher chance of general life success. Individuals with healthy habits, good socializing skills, and emotional intelligence are likely to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Inspiring and likable personalities

When we focus on nurturing any characteristic of a good student, it adds value to his/her personality. Such people are likable in society. And they are an inspiration for others as well. 

What Are the Characteristics of Good Students?

Ability to Collaborate

One ability to collaborate is not just one of the good qualities of students, but also an imperative skill that a student must have to succeed in this interconnected world. From peer interactions in school (traditional to online school) to teamwork at the workplace, this ability drives success in many ways. In this digital age, this quality certainly has a make-or-break effect on one’s personal and professional life.

Collaboration helps an individual to understand the world better. People who know how to collaborate well are also an asset to a team. They play a vital role in solving complex problems. And in this way, this is the skill that makes them a great team player.

Time Management Skills

Good time management is another one of the best student characteristics on this list. It allows a student to make judicious use of time. And helps in accomplishing academic goals well. Students need this skill right from their middle school years. Because both online students and ones in a traditional school need to meet deadlines for assignments/projects/submissions etc. 

Time management is also the secret to a good work-life balance. It makes an individual capable of enjoying leisure time. This characteristic of a good student makes a student more organized to finish all pending tasks. Good time management improves productivity and simplifies things through a disciplined approach. It eventually adds a sense of fulfillment. And supports better achievements in one’s academic path.


Moving on to the qualities of good students, let’s discuss problem-solving. In today’s world, problem-solving skills are essential to make students innovative. And this quality also makes them better thinkers. Important qualities like these empower students to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems. These abilities help them to weigh the pros and cons of any situation. And they make use of their application skills to evaluate the best possible solutions.

Do you know that a virtual school can help develop enhanced problem-solving and independent learning skills in a student?


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Qualities of Good students

Critical & Strategic Thinking

Good student traits also include high-order thinking abilities (like critical thinking). This quality makes a student better at handling uncertain situations in life. It empowers him/her to preempt and derive credible conclusions. And in the years to come, the world will need more critical thinkers to support the recovery phase of the global pandemic.

Other than critical thinking, strategic thinking is also one of the good traits about a person. As per research, an individual with strategic thinking is much more capable of applying effective strategies to accomplish any task in comparison with any other counterpart without this quality. Eventually, this quality also leads to better task performance.

These abilities make an individual go beyond the facts to resolve, apply, and calculate results. As a result, these skills are in high demand and used across varied areas of life and employment sectors.

Critical & Strategic Thinking | Qualities of Good Students

Responsible & Self-Starters

In a traditional or online school, a student must know how to work independently without relying on much external assistance. Being a self-starter is one of the good person qualities that a student must have. A responsible student must know how to make the most of the acquired knowledge. In fact, it is seen that responsible self-starters are also highly resourceful at times. Most online students know the right channel to fetch information or the right people to approach in order to complete their tasks.

How to Nurture Best Student Characteristics in an Online School?

Problem-Solving Model (PSM) & Collaboration

We have already discussed some best student characteristics. And we know that problem-solving is an essential quality that our students need in the future. Teachers/stakeholders can apply the PSM (Problem-Solving Model) through activities. And create opportunities for students to derive innovative solutions for problems.

Here’s a look at Huitt’s PSM (1992):

  • Input- To understand the problem
  • Processing phase – Generating alternatives
  • Output – Planning and implementing solutions
  • Review- Make modifications and evaluate solutions

To nurture good student traits in an online school, a teacher can divide students into small groups and assign tasks around real-life problems. For instance, projects or write-ups for issues like Global warming, excessive use of social media (Fear of missing out –FoMO), gender parity, etc. will allow them to use the PSM model and come up with innovative solutions.

Being a Facilitator

Top online schools like International Schooling nurture a sense of independence in students through a planned approach. We believe in positive coaching and refrain from practices like over-teaching (like giving direct answers). Our teachers use constructive practices to guide students. They are expert in providing just the necessary handholding without taking away the opportunities of thinking from students. In this way, we promote independent study habits and knowledge construction in students.

Age-Appropriate Levels

In an online school, teachers/learning coaches must always try to develop good qualities of students. And ensure that they support learning as per the student’s learning style, level, and age. The selection of pedagogy, resources, and material should be strictly as per the students. For instance, a visual learner will not enjoy too many physical activities or audio.

Do you know that as per a study, only 46% of the students could identify their learning styles correctly?  

So once again, this explains the role of teachers in creating the right educational experiences as per the student’s intelligence style and learning style.

Percentage of students who could identify their learning styles


Fortunately, this digital age has a lot of promising choices like an online school. This medium is PERFECT to nurture good student traits with the power of instant feedback, AI-enabled tools, and personalized instructions. We hope this information helped you in crafting the right plan for your students.

We welcome you to interact with our experts and know more ways of instilling a good person qualities in students.

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the qualities of a good student leader?
    Leadership is one of the good traits about a person. A good student leader must be open to feedback, good at delegating tasks, and a knowledge seeker.
  • What are the 4 qualities of students?
    The 4 qualities of students are:
    • Ability to collaborate
    • Thinking skills
    • Independent study habits
    • Good at managing time
  • What are the best qualities of a good student?
    A good student has strategic thinking, limits distractions, and makes all efforts to reach his/her academic goals.
  • What is an excellent student?
    An excellent student knows the value of time, respects peers, and is highly goal-driven.

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