Homeschooling Slow Learners Successfully

Homeschooling help slow learners

Studies show that slow learners are often harassed and bullied in regular schools. There are reports of children being treated badly in classrooms by both co-students and teachers. The teachers do not have the scope to repeat the lesson multiple times as it holds up the class and the other students suffer. There remains no option but to leave the slow learner behind. This cycle often breaks the morale of the student and they lose confidence.

Role of homeschooling in slow learning experiences

Homeschooling can be a boon for slow learners. The pressure is released and the child finds immense relief when there is no catching up to do. The child can relax and take as much time as needed to understand the lesson and cope with assimilating it.

The child is no longer the subject of ridicule among the other students. She is no longer different from the others. This releases her from constant scrutiny and unhealthy competition and comparisons. Often these are also the seeds for bullying a slow learner. Once the pressure to conform is lifted the child blossoms and finds her own pace.

The slow learner can choose from the many courses available in good homeschooling programs like International Schooling and choose the one that suits and interests them the most.

Parents can be a big part of the teaching process. This is a boon for most slow learners who might suffer from learning disabilities too. The active participation of the parents makes the process more intensive and the child soon catches up. Many homeschooled slow learners have gone ahead to college too.

The comfort of learning from home, with parental guidance and easy access to teachers makes the child more confident and leads to success. It is a good idea to choose a reputed homeschooling program with good teachers and success rates.

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