6 Remedial Measures for Slow Learners

learning style of slow learners

I like social gatherings; it doesn’t matter whether I connect with people at one go or not. I want to be around in social settings and observe people and their mannerisms while enjoying good food. Sometimes, it’s funny as my behaviour freaks my co-social animals out. At times, it gets very annoying for me when my party pals learn that I am a therapist and they start whining about their lives. People love to get counselled for free. Yeah, I deal with moist beasts every day. After serving over 300 clients for almost six years, excluding all the free riders, I have understood that one thing is constant and common, attitude of “concerned” parents.

Their child’s problem is the end of their world, and they are so overprotective that they are not willing to take their child to a therapist. I understand their concern, that’s why I always encourage video calls, thanks to digitization, counselling sessions are easy to conduct and kids feel comfortable to divulge in the sanctity of their home.

I understand that it is devastating for a parent to learn that their child is a slow learner. Also, even the child is under pressure to cope with her/his regular counterparts. Instead of calling your child, a slow learner accepts that he/she is one.

Phil’s learning ability varied from his classmates. He got easily distracted. Applying new concepts to different situations was the most challenging part. That was my diagnosis. I stated the problem. The solution was a school or an atmosphere where Phil feels at home. Tasks should be designed as per his ability. He must be appreciated for his efforts by his pupils and teacher. “Is this possible?” “Will the teacher be compassionate enough to understand my child’s delicate situation?”, she asked. “Yes, she’ll understand. Don’t worry Mrs Markel.”, I replied. She was not convinced, neither was I.

Conventional schools seldom adopt unconventional methods to accommodate slow learners.
Adopting remedial learning measures and treatments for slow learners are a viable solution. Remedial learning or remedial instructions for slow learners includes learning new habits and attitudes which have never been learnt by them and unlearning what they have learnt incorrectly. Here are some remedial measures which can be adopted after a proper diagnosis of the child.

1. Acquire knowledge:

Your child might be a slow learner, but there’s a possibility that he might excel in a particular field. e.g. some slow learners have high general intelligence, and some are good artists. You need to research vigorously and educate yourself to know how to help your child.

2. Eat. Read. Sleep. Repeat.:

Reading aloud really works for the child. Reading aloud helps a child to grasp concepts quickly. It allows them to follow the story. Parents and the child should read aloud, turn by turn, page by page.

3. Slow and steady:

Parents/Educators need to be patient while teaching a slow learner. Practice more and more with the child. Be patient. Don’t give up. Your child will cope up.

4. Engaging content:

Make sure the content is engaging, meaningful and colourful. Slow learners are receptive to attractive multimedia content. This is the reason why parents prefer digital schools. Slow learners can play informative videos as many times as they want to and can enjoy learning.

5. Learn on the go:

Mostly, slow learners keep moving. It is difficult to make them sit at a place. Role of playing games is crucial for the treatment of slow learners and making them learn and retain knowledge. STEM games are devised to make the learning process fun.

6. Find the right program:

Research and research more. Find a program that suits your child and fits your needs. Digital schools are a cult innovation in education. Additionally, instruction sets and curriculum are customizable.

Parents/Educators need to observe child sensibly. Early identification, thorough diagnosis and proper planning are crucial for the development of slow learners.

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