Level Up Your English with Fun! Top 10 Games for English Learner of All Ages

Top 10 Exciting and Fun Games for English Learners

A leading international business magazine states that games can enhance ones learning and retention. Today, the education market is flooded with games to learn English. Because is revolutionary approach is highly effective across all age groups and types of learners.

Globally, the education industry has embraced game-based learning as a perfect paradigm to promote engagement. And Saudi Arabia holds a prominent position amongst the top 3 gaming markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

1Saudi Arabia
  • In 2022, Saudi Arabia topped the charts within the MENA region with the highest distribution of gaming revenue. It dominated with a value of around 58.7%.
  • In addition, the CAGR of this region is quite promising as depicted in the chart below (as per device). 

Let’s discover more about games for English learners and see how it can make learning super fun for students in Saudi Arabia!

Which Are the Classic Games To Learn English?

Classic games like Pictionary, Charades, Simon Says, Jumbled Words, Scrabble, Word Connect, etc. have great educational value in learning ESL (English as a second language).

For students in a virtual school/institution, online games are highly effective. 

Some highly rated online games to learn English are also available for students. These include:

  • Spell It
  • Word Search
  • Learn English
  • ABA English
  • Beelinguaapp Language Audiobook

How Can Teachers Teach English with Games?

Teachers can make use of many fun games for English learners. Strategies like introducing role play, creative writing content, speaking and spelling games, hangman, Pictionary, etc. do wonders with kids.

You can make use of innovative elements like:

  • Dividing students into groups (to promote collaboration).
  • Using spontaneous activities that allow students to introspect such as analyzing the learning of a lesson and pinpointing better presentation ideas.
  • Creating an English study game based on a book summary. And rolling out the best summary contest.
  • You can also get the kids excited by introducing races for different topics like tenses, word meanings (synonyms), and even antonyms etc.  
  • Make use of props like hats, caps, handkerchiefs, etc. with different words and start a story-building contest in the classroom.

Let’s take you through some English games to learn English in a fun and engaging manner.

Top 10 Applications/Games for English Learners (Online and Offline Both)


This legendary game ‘Wordle’ is an ultimate example of a popular English study game. It allows a fixed number of guesses to the players. And helps them to solve a color-based puzzle.  This one is a great pick for learning ESL. Because it offers a challenge uniquely to each player. And students can improve their mastery over the language through healthy competition.

Crossword Jam

Another brain guessing game for english learners that falls in the category of English study game is Crossword Jam. This one is a crossword-type grid. And the players need to swipe letters to move to the next level. Users can download it free of cost.

Speedy English Grammar Games

Our next popular pick in this region is Speedy English Grammar Games. It includes various lessons for ESL beginners. And these are followed by grammar exercises, and more practice games. Students can use it at both basic and intermediate levels. The best feature of this game is that it has both American and British English options to strengthen pronunciation.

Pics and Words

Moving on, the next name on this list of games for English learners is Pics and Words. It is a relaxing game that helps the learners to improve his/her vocabulary. Players get different images. and they are supposed to look for the connection between these images. The answer comes out as a single word. And the player selects the given letters to create a correct spelling. There is an option to undo as well.

Scribblery: Online Pictionary

A great English study game with multiplayer options. This one has super interesting features for a drawing and guessing game. People across all age groups can enjoy this game. It can be played by 5 participants at a time. This one also has different modes.

Worddons – English Vocabulary

ESL learners can also have fun while mastering the language through this game that allows listening, writing, and pronouncing. It is a great option for offline users. In addition, it also offers the feature to choose specific topics as well.  

The Fishbowl Game

More popular games to learn English with multiplayer options also include The Fishbowl game. Participants need to guess words on the phone without speaking these directly. Correct guesses are given points. And the rounds include elements of Charades as well.


It’s not exactly an English study game. But has plenty of game-like features. Students can learn English free of cost with this one. Globally, this highly popular app is trusted for building solid speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. This one-stop solution is a great pick for anyone.

Poetry Magnets: Poem Writing

Be it ESL learners or creative enthusiasts, this one is a perfect option to unlock the mesmerizing world of poetry. Players can use drag-and-drop options to create any form of poetry. And even write lyrics as per their liking. A great way to stay creatively engaged and master the language.

Learn English Easily IStoria

People who are looking for language enhancement in Saudi Arabia must also try this captivating storytelling application. It has advanced features like tracking, practice tests, levels, intelligent alerts, and translation options with an immersive learning experience. Users can enjoy fascinating tales and yet learn more than 400 words in a month. It is at par and even better than many English games to learn English.

Quick Tips For Educators

Try creative ideas-

Contents, puzzles, quizzes, and games to learn English can be made super exciting with elements like instant rewards (badges, stickers, stars. etc.). You can also add elements of collaborative activities such as group-based competitions, impromptu discussions or debates, etc. Divide your students into heterogeneous groups with a mix of both gifted and average students. Encourage students to research over and above the regular academic content (lesson etc.). And provide opportunities to share additional information in the form of games/contests. Later reward the students with the best inputs.

Offer Choices

Give your students choices like selecting volunteers, and deciding game patterns (individual, team, or groups, etc.). You can also plan a couple of games for English learners. And let students decide the sequence of playing these games across weeks/months or even classes.

Go by interests

Always check the dominance of learning styles in the classroom. Try to follow these preferences during lesson planning for best results. 

Final Words

Engaging games go well with all groups. And for many obvious reasons, these game-based strategies are an effective tool to ignite a true love for learning in students.

We hope this information served your purpose well!

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which game helps learn English?
    You can make use of many games like Charades, Pictionary, Scrabble, Word puzzles, etc. through online versions or play these in the classroom.
  • How to teach English with fun and games?
    Teachers can make use of top classic English games to learn English. These can be played in groups or with individuals. You can try guessing games, or introduce sorting games in the classroom.
  • What games to play with ESL students?
    Please find below the list of best games.
    • Wordle
    • Crossword Jam
    • Speedy English Grammar Games
    • Pics and Words
    • Scribblery: Online Pictionary
    • Worddons – English Vocabulary
    • The Fishbowl Game
    • Duolingo
    • Poetry Magnets: Poem Writing
    • Learn English Easily Istoria
  • How can I make my English class more fun?
    Introduce concepts like group activities, use reinforcement techniques, and use strategies as per the learning styles of the students. 


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