Homeschooling Because: Learning is Not a Cookie – Cutter Product

Homeschool learning is an organic process

No two children are the same in any respect. Each child has a distinct personality and learning capability. These traits combine to create a unique personality that needs to be reinforced, guided and trained into a strong and balanced force. The conventional academic process does not allow for these differences but creates a uniform structure that may fit a medium swathe of students but is not perfect for all children.

How learning is a unique product

Each child learns differently. The child has a different home environment and there is a mindset difference too. Some children are very fast at grasping concepts, some are slower. Some children are very active and sports-oriented, others may like softer activities like painting, singing or reading. There is no scope to optimize learning for all students in the conventional space.

  • The child may be inclined towards sports and not strong academically. The curriculum could include physical education as a subject. The child often shines when not forced to study subjects that are not relevant to her interests.
  • There are many children who are shy or anxious and do not fit into the conventional school system. They are often bullied and ignored by teachers as they are not bright. These children blossom with homeschooling programs like International Schooling. They can work in an environment where they are not forced to interact with people who are not sympathetic.
  • Children who differently-abled often have a bad time adjusting in conventional schools. The homeschooling program works best for them. They can learn from the privacy of their homes at their own pace without any pressure with the care and guidance of personal teacher interaction and parental guidance.

Homeschooling is flexible and suits all needs of all students and parents. It is a viable option if your child is not averagely abled.

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