Effective Classroom Teaching Strategies

Effective teaching strategies within a classroom

Tara Rogers worked hard to make her classes interesting and engaging. School events, workshops and constant interventions drained her completely as she was already working long hours every week. She tried spicing up her learning sessions, but it wasn’t as easy as putting pepper in her food. It is inevitable to find the effective classroom teaching strategies Above all that, school authorities always pressurised teachers to be serious to manage classrooms efficiently. After teaching the English language for 9 years in the same school, never lauded for her work, she was only an average teacher. It was time, high time to change.

Other options were quite daunting as they required Tara and other teachers who were sailing in the same boat to gain IT skills and enhance their way of teaching to generate engaging learning content. Tara was willing to change but always wondered whether she could really connect with her students. Tara decided to take a leap of faith and joined International Schooling as an Online Instructor for the English Language. She struggled in her first few sessions but she really experienced some effective classroom strategies. And she realised that she’ll have to stay motivated to harness the emerging capacity of Learning Management System (LMS) and other digital learning technologies. She learned a few basic IT skills like Video Conferencing and PowerPoint Presentations to deliver interactive content. Professional Development for real.

Technology has transformed the equation between learners and educators.

Virtual connections are about forging real bonds among all the pedagogical elements. Educators on digital learning platforms, like International Schooling, are well-qualified instructors. They create challenge-based learning with the help of comprehensive content and assessment strategies offered by the Learning Management System (LMS). Educators focus mainly on effective classroom strategies. In addition to online sessions, educators are creating podcasts, videos and blogs to interact with students hailing from different corners of the world.

Now, a typical day in Tara Rogers life is dotted with variable timetables, as her students belong to different parts of the world. She is no more tied to traditional working hours and traditional ways of learning. She’s writing blogs and making podcasts to help students and professionals to communicate in English. At International Schooling, educators are learning to choose the right digital path to disseminate knowledge and thus the use of digital tools are effective in creating classroom teaching strategies.

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