Managing Learning Systematically- Benefits of LMS

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Alex, studying in his hometown, Pennsylvania has always been very inquisitive much to the annoyance of his teachers. His school teachers always complained that he is too slow. Alex is not a special child; he is just a struggling child. His struggles were not noticed by his super-occupied teachers. His teachers were not at fault though. They teach his other batchmates, conduct 3 to 4 sessions per day, conduct inter-class events, correct their papers and their duties are endless. One day, his newly appointed mathematics teacher after watching him struggle, called his parents for a discussion. A 30-minute PTA session changed Alex’s life for the better. 

While discussing their son’s troubles she revealed that she also conducts online classes in a digital school. His parents got intrigued and started researching for the most suitable digital school for their son. They Choosing a digital school with an advanced LMS which provides benefits of tracking and reporting features

Choosing the right digital school hugely depends on the kind of Learning Management System (LMS) deployed by the school. Students access the course content just by logging in a Learning Management System (LMS).

How do LMS Benefits students? 

  • Enriched learning experience as the number of systems to use and manage is reduced considerably. 
  • The responsive design of LMS working well on multiple devices allow students to learn on the go. LMSs can disseminate content on multiple devices. Students can learn on the go, on their laptops, tablets and mobile phones. LMSs are user-friendly.
  • Students can evaluate their performance in advance. That means, they can forecast their hypothetical grades and view their final grades throughout the term. 
  • Collaborative project work is simplified in LMS. Sharing documents. Hosting discussions with other students and sharing documents with them can be done easily in LMSs. 
  • LMS also offers course content in multiple languages, gamification elements and role assignments.

Benefits of LMS for teachers:

  • LMS has tracking and reporting features. Activity-based data is recorded in an LMS. Teachers can review and track a student’s progress by knowing how long a student took lessons, how many times a video was played by a student and other similar statistics.
  • An LMS’s tracking reports reveal every information required to make the course content more effective and engaging. Content centric courses can be built easily and consistently.
  • LMSs have tools for testing and assessment. Students’ performance can be easily evaluated and reported through testing tools of the LMS. Grading the assignments is easier and speedier. This results in effective and efficient feedback. 
  • LMS enables a feature of peer reviews. Anonymous and non-anonymous reviews can be given on assignments.

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