The Benefit of Studying in an International School

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As per a report by International School Consultancy (ISC), as of May 2017, there were 8,789 international schools around the world, catering to 4.79 million students. In the year 2000, there were only 2,500 international schools around the world. This great increase owes to the benefits of studying in an international school being recognised by people across the globe.

Here’s why you should give it a go for your child as well:

Importance of Diversity

The importance of diversity is acknowledged in all international schools. That’s what makes it international in the first place. Children are exposed to a variety of different cultures. People from different countries are often part of the school. This not only exposes the child to their cultures but also makes them into open-minded adults.


Attending an international school for a long time also helps in developing linguistic skills. Students often speak a different language at home and a different language in school. With international students, children also tend to learn a few their languages as well.

International Curriculum

Most international schools use either the AdvancED, IB, or the Cambridge curriculum. These curriculums are universally accepted by colleges. Most international curriculums encourage critical thinking.

Personal Identity

The open atmosphere of the school help encourages children to look at and be open to all sorts of lifestyles. This makes children form their own identity over time. Private schools often want children to be of a certain kind. This is never a problem in international schools because diversity is key.

Global citizenship

A global education goes beyond awareness and understanding of other cultures, nationalities, religions and languages. Global education is grounded in making a difference, in purposeful engagement and responsible actions aimed toward care and sustainability of the planet. And a good international school makes global citizens out of students who care for the world at large and not just their country or state.

As globalisation continues to spread into every country in the world, international schools teach curriculums that tie the whole wide world together.

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