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Welcome To International Schooling !

Good schooling should be the basic right of every student. A good schooling option will definitely ensure great, flexible and relevant learning. It also implies that the students should be given the learning environment of their own choice. This learning environment can be virtually anywhere that the student desires and anytime that the student needs. International Schooling is the answer to all such K-12 learning woes. A student can take admission in our online school, choose the grades and courses, complete course credits, take the corresponding examination and complete the school qualification. After completing the school qualification, a student achieves the liberty to pursue further education and career of his/her choiceAll these processes will be customised and flexible to ensure that the student gets what he/she wants and intact what he/she deserves. We understand the unique learning needs of every student and what we have built is similar to having a customised and unique school for each one of them. At 'International Schooling', we have created a school that opens, closes, travels and stays with the student... A school that matches with the global courses and curriculum... A school that visualises to create the students of the new shrinking world... and most importantly... A school that the student loves to attend...

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What is Homeschooling ?

Homeschooling is the concept of educating and tutoring children at home, by parents, tutors and community members. The concept traces its roots to religious and moral instructions at dedicated centres. In the modern view, Homeschooling has been advocated due to the need for a customized learning environment for every child. While developing a viable and valuable Homeschooling option at International Schooling, we analyzed the following with through research and study.

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Why Homeschooling ?

The reason why Homeschooling could be chosen as a preferred option can differ from individual to individual. Besides creating a similar or better learning environment, the reasons for choosing Homeschooling could vary and include frequent travel, positive contribution of parents, choice of an alternative career for student, inclusion of online teaching aids and many more. A focused group discussion conducted by International Schooling with parents highlighted the following few questions.

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What we do ?

We are a globally competitive Homeschooling platform. The entire process of International Schooling can be summarized into the following processes: Reach out to K12 students globally to guide and counsel them on Homeschooling Provide Admission and Academic content for the relevant course and session Conduct Periodic Examinations, Assignments and Projects to complete the academic course Provide Certificates that hold global relevance and value.

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