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Teachers! We are hiring!

At International Schooling, the definition of a ‘teacher’ is slightly different and encompasses a broader audience of people. If you think you are good at giving structured and organized delivery of lessons in any subject and your learning audience thinks the same, we consider you a ‘teacher’.

At International Schooling, we are always hiring teachers who are interested to venture into online teaching. It is because we believe that there is no higher limit to the number of teachers that we must have. However, we are extremely careful about the quality of teachers who join us, because they are our face. Our learners and their parents rely on them virtually blindly. Having said that, we still encourage all qualified and experienced teachers to apply with us. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, if you think you can teach, and you are interested in an exciting home-based online teaching job opportunity, you must get in touch with us too.

International Schooling offers online schooling options for Pre-K, Grades 1-12 and also post-secondary levels. At post-secondary levels, we have the authority to offer diploma and certificate courses in any stream or subject. What that also means is that, if you have a course in mind and you are looking for the right platform to reach out to your audience, you may still get in touch with us and we may give it a thought. International Schooling is all about learning and we believe that the learning must begin with ourselves, hence we stay flexible and open to accept ideas.

Online teaching jobs

If you love teaching, there is every chance that you will love International Schooling. If you feel you have a zeal to teach and possess expertise in the subject matter, International Schooling invites you to join its world-class faculty. Our teaching posts are now open for passionate and well-qualified candidates across the world.

To get in touch with us for online home-based teaching job opportunities, please click here.

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