7 Essential Classroom Props That Will Make You A Pro Online Teacher


The equipment you use while teaching sets you apart from a novice virtual homeschooling teacher. These props decide how successful your virtual homeschooling lectures are and how well your students are learning. So, if you are starting your virtual homeschooling teaching career or are already into it, here is a checklist of the top essential props you must have in your online classroom. You should invest in:

  1. An HD Camera

In today’s world of High Definition, you don’t want your lectures to be grainy. Just any camera won’t do. Buy a proper Webcam or Camcorder and get started.

  1. Headset (with a mic)

Only speakers are not helpful, especially if you have to teach live. A great headset will keep the ambient noises away and you can teach without distraction.

  1. A whiteboard

Easy to rub and rewrite! Get the big ones that will cover the entire camera space and teach with as much freedom as you want. Move around and use the entire board for an enhanced virtual homeschooling experience.

  1. Markers (different colours)

Use bright ones. These will help you to highlight important points and capture attention better. The same old black markers are too mainstream!

  1. Background Posters

Online teaching is all but fun. You may not always want to use a board. In videos where you intend to have a fun interaction, have interesting posters in the background. Of course, do make it relevant to the subject.

  1. Flashcards

These help you to show a quick visual of the matter at hand. Talking about Jupiter? Have a flashcard of its picture ready. Teaching Geography? A world map will help.

  1. Quirky Uniforms

This may seem an out of place item, but an attractive attire enhances your presentation. Do not wear monocolor clothing. Try quirking it up.

It’s all about the age group you are teaching. Understand your students and invest in appropriate props. It’s online, do make it colourful and fun.

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