Is Online Teaching the Future? Hard Facts to Convince You

online teaching- a future perspective

As of 2017, almost 3.58 billion people in the world had access to the internet which made the penetration level reach 50% of the total world population. With such popularity, it is evident that the internet has found its way into education and online teaching is definitely the future.

The current scenario of K 12 Online Schooling

At the end of 2016, the K 12 Online Schooling market was worth a massive $166.5 billion.

  • This grew to $225 billion by the end of 2017.
  • According to the Global Shapers Survey, 77.84% among 25,000 young people have taken some form of online education.
  • Nearly 48% of young adults expressed their interest in pursuing virtual homeschooling.
  • In that same survey, 41% agreed to the fact that K 12 Online Schooling is as helpful as traditional education.

Why are teachers going for K 12 Online Schooling?

  • Almost all universities are acknowledging the power of K 12 Online Schooling and are starting distant courses.
  • Renowned universities have agreed, it is indeed a great cost-cutting
  • It allows teachers to enroll students from all geographical locations.
  • Technological improvements have brought forward learning management software that is gaining popularity.
  • Live videos and chatting options have also made online teaching easy.

How to adapt?

  • Get used to the online presence. Sharpen your video skills and invest in suitable gadgets.
  • Opt for a user-friendly teaching software that is easy to use both for you and your students.
  • Have a personal website where you can upload free study materials or blog about your experience with virtual homeschooling. This defines your expertise.
  • Go digital. Start using online planners and hand out notes in PDF or epub formats. Have conversations with your virtual homeschooling students via email.
  • Be outgoing. Avoid limiting your lessons to classrooms. Consider having an outdoor session every now and then.
  • Join a digital teaching platform like International schooling where you get a challenging yet encouraging atmosphere to help you experiment with teaching aids, training mechanisms, lesson planning and curriculum.

The future of online teaching

Online teaching removes all the prevailing obstacles of traditional teaching. Not only can you teach from anywhere, students can learn from anywhere as well. This is indeed the future of education. It time for you to adapt to the change!

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