How to Manage Your Child’s Schedule in Online Schooling

Help your child learning schedule at Home

Online schooling is the best because of the flexibility it offers. Small adjustments and making a schedule can help students succeed in their courses with flying colors. Recognizing a child’s physical, mental and emotional needs can help parents make the most of their child’s education plan.

Recognize the most productive hours

Every kid is different. Some are night owls, while some others are early birds. And the best thing about virtual schooling is the freedom of time. So take advantage and plan challenging subjects when your child is most alert.

Divide and rule

For the kids who get bored easily, divide the course. You can let them study bite-sized classes at a point, which can mean one class at a time or even half a class. This will keep them interested because the subjects will keep changing. This technique also makes large tasks seem less daunting.

Block learning

There are kids who cannot keep shifting between subjects. They find it daunting to grasp new things and ideas again and again. For slow shifters, you can create block schedules and let them complete multiple lessons for one course instead of dividing the day into many subjects. This makes them comfortable and makes it easy for them to grasp concepts.

Burn that extra energy

Studying at home can often lead to a lot of energy store up. Some kids have become mischievous in order to vent out all that extra energy in them. You can make them take subsequent breaks for vigorous physical activity that will not just relax them but will also lead to extended attention span.

Create a fixed study space

Although virtual schooling offers the liberty to study anywhere one pleases, it is always better to study at a fixed place that is without distractions. Chaos at the study space can lead to a lot of time waste. It also leads to a break in concentration.

Shut down social distractions

We are surrounded by constant beep-boops and dings. Even ‘just one look’ at the WhatsApp message breaks the chain of thought and can often lead to a loss in concentration, which in turn is time wasted.

De-stress breaks are must

Often children get irritated and fed up of long hours of studying. Sometimes problem-solving during classes can become taxing on their attention span. 5-10 minute breaks for a drink, a walk around the yard, or a snuggle with the family pet can cool student’s temper and clear their head for a better learning experience.

Plan ahead

Take time to download all related material for the next day’s study plan. Decide what needs to be studied the next day. It leads to an early start with a fresh mind frame. Rather than deciding what needs to be studied at the very moment.

By paying attention to your child’s actions while learning, you can understand best how to structure the learning schedule. Whether large or small, these personalized adjustments can improve your child’s attitude and remove barriers to achieving academic success.

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