Exploring Video Gaming Pros and Cons: A Comprehensive Guide

Video gaming pros and cons

Video gaming pros and cons reveal some shocking realities related to behavior issues and cognitive abilities in gamers. Because these games have a long-lasting impact on the gamer’s personality. And their addiction can lead to serious repercussions in the long run.

The time spent on these gaming habits affects the individual’s behavior and learning immensely. And when teens overdo these activities, it becomes worrisome for parents. 

As per the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

The overall average time spent by a teenager over the internet (between 13 to 18 years) is almost 3.5 hours in a day!


Young gamers under the age group of 18 years spent three or more hours per week just playing these games

But is this habit/activity entirely harmful?

Or is there is way of utilizing this game obsession for the benefit of our younger generations?

Let’s figure out more about it!

Games are instrumental in developing cognitive abilities that are in turn helpful in perceiving the world better. Playing games also improves the minds’ information processing abilities!

Other than this, games also have great educational value because game-based elements, promote deep learning.

Gamification in learning is one of the most effective techniques to engage learners across all groups and this dependable strategy is used in blended learning and 100% online schooling platforms.

Let’s comprehend how these habits impact the players in various ways by exploring video gaming pros and cons in detail.

Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games

Pros/Positive effects of video games on learning

Increases the overall time devoted to learning-

Researchers have discovered that gaming allows the individual to invest more time in learning. This happens because of the increased time span consciously spent for an activity. The logic behind this belief is that these games release chemicals that permit brain plasticity, which eventually results in ‘LEARNING’.     

Improves hand-eye coordination-

Eye-hand coordination games are more than pure entertainment for the player. These activities are perfect to improve the sensorimotor control of an individual. And even better for handling issues related to cognitive and motor deficiencies, such as the ones in disorders like ‘Autism’. It is a proven fact that people who play video games have greater hand-eye coordination than the ones who do not play these.

Advanced abilities to fit in various roles-

The BBC revealed another great advantage related to gaming habits. As per its report, gamers have superlative abilities to assimilate information and are great at coordinating their actions.  All these qualities make video game players suitable for highly challenging jobs that need some relevant new-age transferable skills.  

Helps to improve communication skills-

Out of the numerous advantages and disadvantages of video games, this one is directly related to the most important new-age skill- COMMUNICATION.

Here’s a gist of an interesting media report on a survey carried out with young gamers.

These facts depict a positive relation between gaming and indulgence in activities that improve one’s communication:

  • 79.4% of the survey participants revealed that they read gaming-related material once a month.
  • 3 out of 5 participants wrote something related to games once a month.  
  • These hobbies also create positive communication ties amongst young players and help in developing social connections as well.

Great to develop leadership and decision-making skills-

Moving on with the list of video gaming pros and cons, it is time to discuss skills like leadership and decision-making. Gamers acquire skills like adaptation and instant reactions while playing their favorite games. These abilities get better with passing time and help in improving the decision-making and leadership skills of the player.

This happens because these games need instant action, which keeps the player’s brain active for a longer duration. And in a way, it increases the overall focus level and learning capacity of the individual.

Reduces the consumption of harmful substances

There is also a positive connection between the time spent on gaming and the reduction in harmful addictive habits. The positive effects of video games and immersive gaming experiences channelize an individual’s energy to more productive and aim-oriented thoughts. This high level of engagement leaves no room for other things at that particular point in time. And this focused attention brings down the consumption of highly addictive substances like nicotine, caffeine or alcohol, etc. All in all, these habits keep the mind in shape and reduce the influence of harmful cravings for a considerable time.   

All these positive effects of video games seem to be great for one’s cognitive improvement

But there is another side of the story that shows a completely different reality of these addictive habits

The advantages and disadvantages of video games affect more than 2.8 billion gamers across the world

However, the pros and cons of playing video games affect a massive section of our youth

advantages and disadvantages of video games

Here’s a look at the cons of playing video games:

Health-related issues –

Sedentary lifestyle has a number of health risks. And uncontrolled gaming for long hours increases the risk of these health issues.

The World Health Organization includes ‘gaming disorder’ in its 11th, International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

This means that this addiction can lead to serious physical and psychological health risks.

WHO raises an alarm by labeling this habit as an internationally recognized addiction. It highlights the serious levels of this addiction when these activities hamper the regular lifestyle and study habits of the gamers.

Video gaming pros and cons are now on the verge of affecting almost the entire generation!

According to Pew Research Center, 90% of the teenage survey participants played video games on a computer/mobile phone or a game console!

This uncontrolled addiction leads to psychological stress, depression, anxiety, and some other mental disorders in gamers. Additionally, devoting long hours to these activities also increases the risk of disturbed sleep habits reduced physical exercise, and similar health disorders. Additionally, it also triggers a sense of isolation in the players as they gradually prefer staying away from their real-life relationships. All this has an adverse impact on the learning capacity of students. And deprives them of a chance to explore their inherent potential as a learner.

Impacts academics adversely-

The advantages and disadvantages of video games also have a direct relationship with a student’s academic achievements. With this shift in focus (from studies to gaming), a student bears the loss of highly productive study time in a day. Which impacts their grades, course completion deadlines, career planning, and several other constructive activities in the advancing stages of their education. In case of online schooling, it can hamper the student’s academic progress by coaxing him/her to start procrastinating coursework.

And for the ones who attend regular schools, these lifestyle choices can hamper their attendance, interest level, and overall time devoted to academics. 

When students choose to spend more time on these leisure activities, they disconnect from their real-world goals. And all this leads to ‘UNDER-PERFORMANCE’ in their academics.  

Can trigger aggressive behavior –

American Psychological Association proves an association between video game use and aggressive outcomes.

While there are some helpful games that improve eye-hand coordination games, others can be highly inappropriate for children and teenagers.  Games likeSHANE: VIOLENT & BLOODY FIGHTING GAME (BRUTAL) !’, Brutal street, MORTAL KOMBAT: The Ultimate Fighting Game!  Can lead to real world aggression issues, thus leading to more stressful conditions in both school and family life.

Leads to insensitivity by reducing emotional responses-

Gamers who are addicted to eye-hand coordination games or violent games are also less sensitive and reactive towards experiences.   

A British media group proves that game addicts are more neutral while viewing distractor and confronting images. This means that they are can stay unaffected by emotionally arousing words because of the ‘emotion-induced blindness’ phenomenon. This quality can be good while selecting certain career paths like posts of medical practitioners, defense and armed forces, etc. But these qualities are not very likable in everyday school and family life.

All these video gaming pros and cons are eye-opening for us!


 They once again reiterate the importance of limiting over-exposure to these addictive gaming habits

They way forward can be made easier by limiting this deadly addiction and sticking to only its beneficial aspects

Let’s discuss some quick tips for learners to play video games with a balanced approach

  • First of all, you need to set defined time limits for leisure activities like gaming, use of social media, or online video streaming. If you manage to cut down the excessive hours devoted to these games, this time can be utilized for some physical activities such as gyming or playing outdoor sports. 
  • You can also try learning new skills and purposely place them on the top of your priority list. Simple music classes or cooking duration can effortlessly replace those mindless lengthy hours of gaming. This practice will certainly be more fruitful and productive for you. And will simultaneously bring down your overall ‘SCREEN TIME’ as well.
  • Reading is another great activity that has fabulous educational value. Spend your leisure hours reading a book. And it’s even better to practice summarizing at the end by jotting down points on paper. Try to stick to basic paper and pen because jotting down points on a device can again add to your distractions.  Just as the eye-hand coordination games are great to improve your body control, these summarizing activities are also great to improve your retention powers.
  • Another great idea is to place gaming at the end of your priority list. So, complete all your important academic tasks planned for the day. And then move on to these games.

Gaming habits can be minimized by continuously practicing self-control. And these efforts reap amazing benefits like better family relationships, physical and mental health.

So refrain from this deadly over-indulgence and stay strong to gain victory over this harmful TEMPTATION!

Thanks for Reading!

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