Top 4 Features Your Virtual Homeschooling Planner Must Have

Virtual homeschooling planner

As a virtual homeschooling parent, you must already know the importance of planning (and the chores associated with it). If your week passes by smoothly, with every piece falling into place and your child completing all your planned assignments, then you are probably using the right virtual homeschooling planner. However, if you sit every Sunday and find yourself wondering where things actually went wrong, it’s time to change your planner.

A simple Google search will give you a daunting list of planners, but not all can solve your purpose. To help you to choose the best among them, here is a list of the top 4 features that you must look for in a virtual homeschooling planner:

  • A planner for everyone

Virtual homeschooling is as much about you as it is about your child. So, a good planner must have the provision to organise the events for you, your child and the family as a whole. This way, your roles are clearly defined and no one misses out on anything.

  • Multiple colour codes

 The more options you have, the better. With a simple notebook planner, it’s easy to get lost. Even Google Calendar does not have the option of that many colours. A good planner, online or offline, will have multiple bright colour options which you can choose to segregate your work.

  • Flexibility to plan your week

The best planner out there will let you choose the number of working days per week. Your homeschool may run just for 3.5 days every week with 5 hours a day. You should be able to tweak the settings accordingly to fit your schedule.

  • Absolutely no Technical Jargon

Most online planners tend to go overboard and ultimately become useless to you. You should be focusing on educating your child, not decoding a software. So, always opt for a planner that’s user-friendly and simple to use.

These will make the job of organising easy and your days will go exactly as planned. So, look for these while buying your virtual homeschooling planner and never pass an exhausting week again.   


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