9 Invaluable Tips Just for Virtual Homeschooling Moms

virtual homeschooling mom

If you have already taken the big step, well congratulations! You have made the best education choice for your child. But what about you? As the mom, you will be the architect of the whole virtual homeschooling process and it’s your decisions that are going to affect your child. Cold sweats already?

Fret not! Just because the task seems daunting doesn’t mean it has to be. Here, we have listed down 9 tips that prove invaluable during homeschooling. If you have just worn the virtual homeschooling mom boots, start taking notes.

9 Invaluable tips just for virtual homeschooling moms:
  • Write down why you took the step – Trust me, it’s very easy to feel demotivated at times and you may even consider a backward step. See this list every time it happens.
  • Remain flexible, always – Be quick to identify what’s not working and change it instantly. Do not try too hard just because it’s expert-advise.
  • Take your time – Nothing will seem to work initially but things will settle down. Give yourself and your child time to adapt.
  • Make sure to stick to a routine – You may have the option not to follow one, but I suggest you have a routine. But, the school can definitely start at 10 AM instead of 8.
  • Keep learning While educating your child, never miss out on an opportunity to brush your teaching skills. YouTube all the way!
  • Socialising should remain a priority – Find other homeschooling families and let your child bond with his/her peers. Socialising is absolutely necessary.
  • Use technology – But don’t become too dependent. There are a few things only books can teach.
  • It’s never a race – As we moms do have the tendency to compare our child with others. Remember to look at the bigger picture.
  • Always, always have fun – Design the curriculum so that your child will want to study. Otherwise, you may as well send your child to a bricks and mortar school.

And at the end of it all, the feeling of satisfaction you will have is priceless. So, buckle up, get ready and be an awesome virtual homeschooling mom.

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