These 10 Points Prove Virtual Schooling is Amazing

Virtual schools always bring real concerns about the quality

According to a research conducted by NEPC, 261,000 students enrolled in full-time virtual schools in the year 2013-14. This number is not just indicative of the acceptance of virtual schooling as a great form of education but also its appreciation.
Virtual schooling offers students not only the comfort and safety of homeschooling, but the convenience and resources of a brick-and-mortar school. Online learning has to be the greatest revolution in contemporary education. Here’s why:

  • Anywhere Anytime

The best thing about virtual schooling is the freedom of time and space that it offers. Students have the pleasure of attending classes from anywhere at any time. With a flexible online schedule, life takes priority without sacrificing education.

  • Expanded world view

Online programs attract students from across the globe who bring into the program different perspectives from diverse cultures. Students often get to work together on different projects and also get to interact on discussion boards.
Interacting with people of other cultures helps in understanding attitudes and problem solving.

  • Resource hub

Virtual schools provide infinite storage space for teachers to share resources in the form of videos, worksheets, documents, e-books etc. One does not need to visit libraries to read on the subject they are studying as almost all the materials are available on the course itself.

  • Home is a safe place

According to the U.S. Department of Education, one out of every five student report being bullied (2016). This is a common phenomenon in traditional schooling system. Students in conventional schools also encounter a lot of peer pressure and bullying that can distract them from their education and can lead to their dropping out.
Attending a virtual school allows students to complete their education in the safety of their homes.

  • Work at your pace

It is general knowledge that each student is different with different abilities to learn and cope. Some students are faster than the whole class and some others often find themselves left behind. In most virtual programs, students can work at their own pace that best matches their learning style.
This not just saves time, but lets them spend their time where they need it most.

  • More subject options

The subjects offered in traditional schools are very limited, because of the time and strict schedules. This often deprives students of their true potential and enriched educational experience they crave. Without the need to be physically present in the same place at the same time, virtual schools can offer more options when it comes to classes. They can also choose subjects according to their ability.

  • Develop time management skills

Students of conventional schools have to follow rigid schedules. These schedules not just decide their study time, but also their play time, activity time and extracurricular activities. Yet, when these students leave school they struggle with basic time management skills.
Virtual schools make students manage their own time and schedule time for play, study, work etc all by themselves. This in turn helps them in the long run and prepares them for the responsibility and independence of professional work.

  • Save the money

Online courses and virtual schooling is much cheaper when compared to traditional schools. It totally depends on the courses you select and does not have a fixed amount.

  • Time for extra

Virtual schools offer the freedom to study as and when the student pleases. This gives them so much time to explore things not related to education. The student can always take that piano lesson s/he wanted to take. There is always time for extra things which would not be possible with the rigid structure of traditional schooling.

  • Updated regularly

Course books of traditional schools aren’t updated regularly, and it isn’t even feasible to keep reprinting books. But this is where virtual school takes the front seat. Because everything is digital, a simple change takes a simple mouse click. Thus you always get updated versions of your course material.

However, despite all these positives, online education has many stereotypes attached to them. People often think online students do not get degrees, but they do in fact get degrees that are often valid across the globe. Virtual schooling is more awesome than you think.

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