5 Reasons Why Families Choose International Schooling

5 Reasons Why Families Choose International Schooling

Why choose International Schooling? Because… “We have a ‘Revolutionized Concept of Education! We bring learning to people instead of people to learn! We believe in diversity and inclusivity! We close the widening global skills gap!” To get to know more about International Schooling, read on.

48% of K-12 students globally have online classes available to them

International Schooling is a globally accredited K-12 online school. The school got established in 2014, and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council for Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), all come under the umbrella of Cognia, USA (earlier AdvancED) recognizes it. 

International Schooling is also approved by the College Board, USA. It is to help students for a successful transition to college and other opportunities. Not only this the school is an official dance member of the International Dance Council (CID), which is an official partner of UNESCO. Further, the school is powered by Discovery Education.

International Schooling is currently serving 12,000+ students in 135+ countries. The school has 500+ teachers providing live tuition support to learners in all time zones. International Schooling has an Advanced American Curriculum and confers the American high school diploma upon successful completion of 12th grade. 

Reasons for Parents and Families to Choose International Schooling

Here is a list of advantages of joining International Schooling for your child’s educational journey-

1. Global Accreditation

Accreditation is an essential component to look for when enrolling in an online school. It is a formal, independent verification that a program or institution meets quality standards. An official or technical hallmark of complete excellence! Accredited online schools create a sense of trustworthiness. The accredited online high school will aid in admission to reputable colleges and universities. Overall, it improves the enrollment rate! 

Accredited online high schools provide a more rigorous curriculum and high-quality instructions than non-accredited ones. As explained above, International Schooling is one of the most trusted virtual schools and is highly recommended by parents and students worldwide. Accredited online schools k 12 like International Schooling creates a smooth pathway for students to glide upon making the successful transition to colleges and universities. Enroll today! 

Read this article to know more about accreditation:- Accreditation: Why It Matters When Choosing An Online School

2. Flexibility & Curriculum

International Schooling is one of the best online schools in terms of ‘flexibility’. The school has the tagline ‘My Location, My Time’ which implies that students can study anywhere, anytime! No matter where you are, all you have to have is a digital device and a good internet connection. Opting for an online school is beneficial for the students as it will save time, travel, and meal expenses. With the great flexibility that online school offers, you can travel anywhere without jeopardizing your academics. 

The school also offers an option for online K12 homeschool citing another example of its range of flexibility. Online school offers flexible daily schedules that can sync very well with family travel plans. The flexible timing helps families to find more time for extracurricular activities. A flexible yet uniform alternative to traditional schooling. International Schooling is one the leading virtual schools that has the American Curriculum which is the best in the world. 

The American curriculum is globally recognized and accepted and is so much more advanced as it provides a flexible framework for schools. It provides more creative freedom to tailor-stitched the curricula as per the student’s needs and interests. This curriculum gives lots of space to extracurriculars to bring forth the overall development of the learner. The American curriculum is based on core standards for English, language arts, math, history, geography, and next-generation science standards. It offers a wide array of courses to choose from. 

International Schooling reinforces your values as the curriculum fits with your family’s cultural morals. 

63% of US high school students use eLearning tools every day

3. Technology & Assignments

Technology & Assignments | reasons why families choose international schooling

The International Schooling, K12 online school is very well equipped with the latest and advanced technologies and other necessary software. We have a Learning Management System (LMS), and School Management System (SMS). LMS is a software application or web-based technology used for planning, implementing, assessing learning processes, administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses. It includes illustrations, animations, photos, text, audio, and video which are essential elements in a virtual high school. SMS is a software system to manage all day-to-day activities where the student has access to features like reports, progress, notification, tasks, fee schedule, and others. 

LMS models offer a standardized education system & make up over 29% of the total eLearning market share 

International Schooling has 500+ teachers across the globe. We recruit teachers through a rigorous process. Our training methods are systematic and robust. Apart from teachers, our online school has a team of academic counselors, career counselors, psychologists, and subject matter experts. We are into well-devised and innovative teaching methods. Our assignments are designed to be critical parameters for the comprehensive evaluation of students’ academic progress.

In the K-12 environment, 2021 saw the use of remote management apps for learning increasing by 87% while collaboration apps increased by 141%.

4. Courses

This K12 online school or K12 online homeschool offers an enormous variety of courses to choose from. International Schooling offers Regular, Honors, Advanced Placement, Credit Recovery, and other specialized courses. The school also offers a Self-Paced learning and Flexy Program. With the Self-paced program, the student can learn at their pace without any hassle. Whether your child is a slow learner or a fast learner, he/she can opt for this program to study at their ease. Students can pick one, two, or three courses from a list of 100+ courses in the Flexy program. 

We strike a perfect balance between sports and academics. An athlete needs to go through intense training and at most times it can be difficult to juggle between passion and academics. The physical school leaves no room for an athlete to follow his/her passion. As you have read above, we are also approved by the NCAA, which helps the student-athlete for successful transition to reputed colleges and universities. We respect unique talents and their commitment towards their passions and together strive to help them achieve without hampering their academics. 

For students with extracurriculars, we follow the same thing as for student athletes, that is we aid them to follow their dreams while pursuing academics. We believe in overall development so it is obvious to help our students in that direction where they can successfully achieve their dreams. 

International Schooling understands that every child is unique and slow learning does not mean hindered intelligence. We provide an optimal solution to our special learners so that they can assimilate at their pace. Deadlines are supple and timelines are pliable. The books, lectures, visuals, and audio all adorn the learning process more efficiently.

5. Global Reach, Interactions, & Feedback

As elaborated earlier in this article we have a global reach and believe in diversity and inclusivity. We have students from different countries and cultures in one class so that’s how your child gets to build a global network. This way the child’s perspective and knowledge about the world broadens! 

We have a 360-degree feedback mechanism where we take into consideration the feedback from students, parents, and guardians. Not only this we have ‘Regular’ and ‘On Demand’ parent-teacher interactions which may involve micro discussions on worksheets or lesson plans.


International Schooling is one of the best online schools imparting invaluable educational skills to students worldwide. It strives to shorten the skills gap among the students. Not just academics but International Schooling is focussed on the overall development of your child. Apart from all the reasons, one important reason to choose International Schooling is its safe and conducive environment. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy toward any kind of bullying, harassment, and violence. The school welcomes all kinds of learners from all over the world: regular, homeschooled students, fast learners, slow learners, student-athletes, dropouts, physically handicapped, adults who were not able to complete their studies in the past, working professionals, mothers who want to restart their education, and senior citizens. 

Besides we have an affordable fee structure as we want every child around the globe to get educated! International Schooling aims for a deeper dive in revolutionizing education in this competitive digital era.


  • What is an online school?
    Gaining knowledge and skills through the use of electronic devices like computers, smartphones, laptops, etc. while connected to the internet is known as online school. Tutors and mentors can reach every student more flexibly and effectively and teach them the necessary skills all thanks to online school!
  • What is K-12?
    K-12 is a shorthand for the school grades and is used in education and educational technology in the United States, Canada, and some other nations. Kindergarten (K) and grades 1 through 12 are included in this range.
  • What is an online homeschool?
    Online homeschooling or online homeschool is a kind of school that is administered and carried out using Internet resources. These days, more parents can opt to use this type of homeschooling thanks to the availability of online resources. Here, professionals are used to construct a large portion of the curriculum, which minimizes the workload on a parent serving as the only teacher.
  • What is accreditation?
    Granting credit or acknowledgment, particularly to an educational institution that upholds acceptable criteria, is the act of accreditation. Any individual or educational institution that needs to demonstrate that they fulfill a minimum standard of excellence must obtain accreditation. For more read :- Accreditation: Why It Matters When Choosing An Online School.
  • What does International Schooling offer?
    International Schooling offers an American curriculum, flexible class schedules, live tuition sessions, a digital library, honor courses, regular courses, advanced placement courses, specialized courses, and others. It also offers online K12 homeschool.
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