Let Us Talk About Homeschooling Burnout

Homeschooling burnout

I have been homeschooling my child since 6th grade. We chose International Schooling homeschooling program as my child is a fast learner and was always ahead of the class. As he got bored very easily he disrupted the class and was often reprimanded. This led to a lot of discontent on his side. We took a conscious decision and looked for a homeschooling option for fast learners. The advanced courses are more suitable for his needs and he is happier studying something that challenges him.

As with any other model of learning, there are certain challenges in homeschooling for a prolonged period – There is a very real fear that the child becomes complacent and loses interest in the lessons.

Let us discuss the reasons and solutions to the burnout:

The child spends a long time in front of the computer without adult supervision. This may create boredom as the teacher is not facing to face. At International Schooling homeschooling program the solution is to have regular interaction with the teacher via emails, messages or even video calling. The presence of the adult authority mitigates the complacency.
The assignments are neglected and evaluation goes haywire. There should be strict parental guidance. Also, the International Schooling platform ensures that all assignments are complete and submitted, exams taken on time and the teacher apprised of all developments.

My child was often battling a feeling of isolation as he had no friends and he had no interaction with people his age. At International Schooling, he also got the benefit of discussion groups and is enrolled in many activities and sports. My son now meets his peers regularly and the physical activities keep him happy.

Social and physical interaction is important and so is parental guidance. If parents can insist on attendance and homework in regular school situations, the same is applicable in homeschooling. A little effort from our side has made a happy, smart and confident student out of my son. He looks forward to studying Robotics in the future.

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