Why More And More Families Are Choosing To Homeschool?

Families Choosing homeschool

Homeschooling was restricted to remote areas where there were no facilities to attend conventional school even a couple of decades ago. It was believed that the quality of homeschooling was not up to the mark and that the education of homeschooled children was lacking depth. The attitude has undergone a sea change today. More and more parents are opting for homeschooling.

The reasons for choosing to homeschool :

Parents now make an informed choice about multiple career options and weigh the benefits of regular schooling vis-à-vis homeschooling and find very little difference.

  • Homeschooling has undergone a transformation with the advent of the internet and its rapid spread across the world. With the internet making the reach of homeschooling almost real time, the quality of education delivery has improved manifold. Quality teachers are involved in the process and are accessible at all times.
  • The courses that are available in the homeschooling arena are humongous. They are well planned and are earning credits that are transferable to the conventional schooling system. This allows the child to switch if the need arises.
  • Children are free to pursue higher learning as the courses are designed in such a way that they make the student college ready.
  • Homeschooling is most suited to children who are unable to attend regular school due to sports, art, or dance careers amongst others that requires them to be absent at regular school hours.
  • The advanced learners as well as the slow learners benefit by taking courses that suit their capability. The accelerated study system allows prodigious children to expand their reach. The slow learners can work at their pace and not drop out of school due to pressure from the system and their peers.

Parents are happier that their child is getting a world class education with homeschooling programs like International Schooling without having to sacrifice their hobbies or career aspirations. They can keep their children motivated and engaged to get the best out of Homeschooling.

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