More Family Time, Less Stress: How Online School Helps Parents Balance Work and Family

How Online School Can Help Parents Balance Work and Family

“The key is not to prioritize what is on your plan but to plan your priorities”

Work-Life Harmony

Work-life balance means what? Well, it means striking a perfect balance between professional and personal life! In general, it is a practice of managing your professional responsibilities and personal life efficiently. Striking in balance becomes essential to maintain your physical and mental well-being while achieving success on the professional front.

Balancing life is inclusive of an ongoing effort to harmonize various aspects of one’s existence. This refers to counterbalancing work, family, personal well-being, and social relationships. Through proper allocation of time, energy, and focus to different facets of life, one can gain:

  • Self-satisfaction
  • Fulfillment
  • Enhanced happiness
  • Reduced levels of stress 
  • Sense of purpose
  • Well-roundedness

Now, moving ahead we will discuss how online school can help you in achieving the balance of life as balancing work and family at times becomes so chaotic.

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The Act Of Balancing: How Online Schooling Can Aid In Achieving Work-Life Balance

Here are some key points curated for you to gain insight into how online school for your child can help you balance work and family :

Flexible Schedule:

With online schools, parents can better adjust their children’s learning hours with their work commitments and professional responsibilities. One can study from anywhere and anytime. Yes! As compared to traditional schools, online schools provide you with more bandwidth of flexibility.

Reduced Commute Time:

One of the biggest advantages of online school is “No Travel”! There is no need to commute to and fro for school. This time-saving benefit helps reclaim valuable hours that can be utilized by children and parents for family time, rejuvenation, extracurriculars, or other work-related tasks.

Direct Supervision:

Online schooling provides more parental supervision. Parents can monitor and track the progress of their child with more ease. However, International Schooling’s learning platform, Learning Management Systems (LMS) is robust enough as it does not require parental involvement. Learners can independently utilize digital tools and resources using this learning platform. Thus, helping better in balancing life. To know more, kindly visit: 

Customized Learning Plans:

Online school offers tailor-fitted curriculum based on learner’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. International Schooling is an online school that offers an American Curriculum that adapts to individual learner’s learning needs and interests. This alleviates the pressure on parents to look for tutors or extra assistance for their child’s education. 

Virtual PTMs:

With online school, parents can participate in virtual parent-teacher meetings and join online parent communities to foster a sense of shared responsibility in the child’s education journey.

Safety Issues:

During uncertain times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, online school promoted a safer alternative to in-person schooling. Online schooling reduced the health-related issues. Apart from this, negative physical school experiences such as bullying, harassment, peer pressure etc. are not in the picture when it comes to online schooling.

Work-Life-Technology Integration:

Parents can oversee their child’s academic progress while managing their work tasks via the digital platform that online school provides. Thus, creating a more harmonious work-life balance integrated with technology.

Access To Digital Resources:

Learners can access to wealth of resources! Online school offers digital tools, reading materials, digital library, interactive lessons, videos, games, tasks, projects, self-explanatory worksheets, online assessments, assignments, interactive quizzes, puzzles, etc. It also provides discussion forums to find solutions for their answers and other queries. Thus making learners well-equipped with modern technology and lifelong skills.

Now, moving further, let’s explore some parenting tips.

Tips For Parents To balance work and family

Here are some compelling recommendations for parents that they can adopt to balance work and family:

  • Create A Schedule: Establish a daily routine. Create a schedule for your child that adapts very well to your working hours. This way you won’t juggle. Stick to it! 
  • Set Boundaries: Designate a specific study space for your child and a workspace for yourself. This will create a clear separation between home and work life. It will reduce distractions.
  • Set Priorities: Identify and jot down the important tasks and tackle them first, thus ensuring that critical responsibilities are met first. This way you will stay away from headaches! 
  • Make use of Technology: Equip yourself with technologies like online calendars, task schedulers, and other apps that will aid you in better organization. Balancing life becomes easy!
  • Delegate Responsibilities: Share household chores with your partner and other family members to ease the workload. Smooth Going!
  • Seek Support: Reach out child’s online school in case of any emergency, query, or guidance. Don’t hesitate!
  • Be Flexible: Disruptions can happen anytime! Just don’t get anxious due to challenges that can occur at times. Remember, adaptability is the key to balancing life.
  • Self-Care: Most Important Thing! Ensure self-care for yourself and your child. You should encourage physical activities like yoga, running, jogging, exercises, etc. Apart from that eat healthy and take proper sleep.
  • Take Breaks: Never Forget That! Recharge yourself by taking short breaks in between the work. This will help you and your child to carry out the whole day very well.


In summary, online school has emerged as an efficient way for parents seeking to maintain a balance between work and life. Most beneficial for parents who travel a lot! It promotes greater flexibility, personalized learning plans, and safe space. Thus, empowering parents and guardians to oversee their child’s educational voyage while navigating through their career demands. However, parents need to create the balance through effective time management along with a supportive learning environment for the child as well as a collaborative home front. If harnessed properly, then online schooling can become your perfect ally in striking the perfect balance. Thus, achieving a harmonious equilibrium!


  • What is online schooling? 
    It is an educational approach where students learn through digital platforms using the Internet. They access lessons, assignments, and resources online and often have the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime.
  • How can online schooling benefit working parents?
    Online schooling offers a flexible schedule, reduces travel time, and allows parents to overlook their child’s education and balance work and family, carrying out other responsibilities.
  • What age groups can benefit from online schooling?
    Online schooling is available for students of all ages from KG-12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12).
  • How to choose the right online school or program for my child?
    To choose the right program, do right research, consider child’s learning needs and interests, curriculum flexibility, and the school’s accreditation.

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