Is Homeschooling in Malaysia a Good Option For Your Child?

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Homeschooling in Malaysia is a great option when you have a need to school your child differently. It could be a mix of various factors that are decisive in understanding whether homeschool is a good option for your child. A smart decision at the beginning of the education life cycle of the child may change the entire course of his or her life.

The advantages of homeschooling in Malaysia are many. The child is comfortable in his own environment and can learn as per his ability and choice. There is a large curriculum that he can choose out of and accrue credits at the state level. The best virtual homeschooling programs in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore ensure that the child obtains a globally relevant learning platform.

Advantages of homeschooling in Malaysia

Parents who choose international homeschooling for their child are in the position to choose what they deem right for their child. There are many benefits that the parents and the child enjoy in this flexible but highly trusted system.

  • The children can study at their own time. If you have a budding dancer, artist, musician or athlete in your child, a large part of the normal working day can be spent on practice. It is a choice that can help the child in getting a globally recognized and accredited online schooling while pursuing the career of his or her dreams.
What parents are saying :

My daughter is a tennis player and she needs to practice 3-4 hours every day. Her previous school didn’t give her the time and opportunity to explore her passion as a future career choice. Her practice sessions often conflicted with the school timings and this lead to some attendance related issues. The International Schooling platform has been a blessing because it offers flexible timings. My daughter can now choose a course that meets her needs and can easily get an online American high school diploma. The best part – she can pursue her dreams of making it big in tennis without compromising on the quality of education.

A child who is an advanced learner is never comfortable in a conventional school. They often disrupt the school and are never learning to their optimal level. Their abilities are not channelled in the right direction. These children often thrive better in the parents’ guidance. Specific tailor-made curriculum and smart evaluation systems make the K 12 Online Schooling experience robust.

What parents are saying – I wish we had found about the International Schooling program much sooner!! That would have helped my child who is an advanced learner. My son’s needs were not being met in his bricks and mortar school. However, his teachers at International Schooling are outstanding! The quality of teaching is top-notch, the curriculum is comprehensive as well as challenging and he enjoys the ‘My location My time My Pace’ learning philosophy. I am really pleased with this homeschooling program. Earlier my child used to feel frustrated with the slow learning environment in his previous school. Thanks to International Schooling ’s homeschooling in Malaysia program, he is now flourishing in a challenging and engaging learning environment that is flexible to meet his learning needs.

In a few words:

K 12 Online Schooling is a new way of learning. It allows parents to be vigilant and keep their children interested and prompt. They can be a part of the teacher interactions. Most homeschool teachers are available online as per the convenience of the child. Parents are the best judge of the needs of their child and can help the children maximize their learning potential.

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