Finding The Homeschooling – Life Balance

Balancing life with homeschooling

Nothing comes easy in life. To make things a little easy for the child some parents opt for homeschooling. The child is spared the rigors of conventional schooling and can learn at his own pace and his own time. In a way this is a blessing as the child is a little more relaxed and can learn to an optimum level.

The down side of homeschooling is that at times it becomes the tendency of the child to slack a bit. There is a need for a little adult intervention to keep a homeschool-life balance. On the flip side, the students who are very obsessed about their work, especially the fast learners who only study to the point of excluding all else from their lifestyle.

  • The child is encouraged to vent. The idea of writing a journal so that the child has a documentation of daily activities is a good idea. This can help bring things into perspective and help the child maintain a homeschool-life balance.

  • Having a routine also helps to keep a balance. A rough routine that defines study, self-study, play and chore time can help the child.

  • It is wise to cut out unnecessary assignments and activity that burden the child. Unlike a regular school, in a homeschooling environment an overzealous parent can burden the child with too much work and destroy the fine balance that is required.

  • It is important for the child to have personal time. There has to be time allotted to doing whatever the child has an interest in , whether it is dancing, music or art etc.

Homeschooling is a viable option only if all the facets are well balanced and the harmony between life and homeschool is well defined.

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