Top 4 Ways to Help Parents Successfully Homeschool Multiple Children

Mother homeschooling her kids

Homeschooling multiple children? The first picture that comes to mind is books scattered all across the room, messy surroundings and shouts of children running around the house. But does it mean that it is an impossible task? Absolutely not!

Here are some tips that can surely help parents to effectively manage homeschooling multiple children.
  • One on One time:

It is perhaps the most important aspect of homeschooling multiple children. Teaching multiple children comes with a lot of responsibilities and it is important that equal focus should be given to every child. In fact, there are certain topics that need quiet and focussed one to one interactions. Meanwhile, assign some tasks related to reading or writing to other children.

  • Short and interactive:

The parents or tutor needs to ensure that they keep their sessions short and highly interactive. Children often lose interest in studies following limited attention spans. Therefore it should be ensured that every lesson is short, interesting and full of a lot of interactive activities.

  • Visual Media is a lifesaver:

Teens have a tendency to focus more on visual information than the verbal version. Using visual media sources like power-point presentations, videos and graphs etc. will not effectively explain a topic but will attract the total attention of all the children towards the real part i.e. the study and learning process.

  • Group activities:

Children love being in competitions. This habit of teens can be used to harness their energy in an efficient manner. Teacher or the parents can make groups of the children (pairs or more) and organize academic quiz, tests, and presentations etc. The feeling of the competition will encourage them to work hard and through groups, they will learn the importance of teamwork as well as it will be easy for the parents to manage.

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