AP Macro Economics

Macro Economics is the study of the performance of an economy as a whole. This course will cover in detail basic economic concepts, measurement of economic performance, national income and price determination, the financial sector, inflation, unemployment and stabilization policies, economic growth and productivity, and international trade and finance.

Upon completing this course, students will be trained to interpret economic news, understand the effects of government policies and excel in the AP exam.

  • Introduction to Economics
  • Measurement of Economic Performance
  • National Income and Price Determination
  • The Financial Sector
  • Inflation, Unemployment and Stabilization Policies
  • Economic Growth and Productivity
  • International Trade and Finance
S.No.Program NameFee ComponentAmount (USD)Description
1Full TimeCourse Fee$ 450To be paid by the student at the time of Registration.
2FlexCourse Fee$ 450To be paid by the student at the time of Registration.
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Grade Level

  Grade 9 – 12




  • Principles of Economics version 2.1.3 by Rittenberg and Tregarthen.
  • Advanced Placement Economics, 4th Edition, Council for Economic Education.



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