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Accredited By Cognia



Trusted In 135+ Countries



Supporting 14,000+ Students



Accredited By Cognia


Dear Parents and Students from Bahrain, Welcome to International Schooling

What comes to mind when someone says ‘Bahrain’ before you?

Some of you might think of a beautiful archipelago in the Persian Gulf. You may also associate this land with rich hydrocarbon reserves and pearl fisheries. Still, others may remember it as the seat of the ancient Dilmun Civilization—a link between the civilizations of Sumer and the Indus Valley, and so on. 

While many unique and historically significant facts are associated with the “Land of the Two Seas”, contemporarily, it has also emerged as an economically thriving and cosmopolitan island nation. Today, it tops the charts in crucial human development indicators worldwide. For instance, the country’s adult literacy rate is above 98%, with women’s literacy making a big contribution to it. This is also reflected in their active participation in various economic activities, thus calling the shots in a family affair or elsewhere. Likewise, new-age parents of Bharian, especially educated mothers, are opting for the best school education for their children and are shaping their futures. 

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International Schooling: A Tale for Online Schooling in Bahrain

International Schooling, powered by Discovery Education, founded in 2017 with the motto “Changing Lives for the Best,” is a fully Cognia, USA accredited (formerly AdvancED-NWAC, NCA, & SACS, CASI), College Board, USA approved, NCAA, USA approved K-12 American International School serving thousands of learners with the American Curriculum from trained and certified teachers. We are the first choice of parents in Bahrain because we offer the most affordable homeschool option without compromising quality. 

“Two to three years back, if someone had advised me to enroll my child in an online school in Bahrain, I would have ignored it. But look at the global scenarios now. We were packed inside homes for several months due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and all avenues were virtually closed. Therefore, I made a decision and gave it a shot; now my two kids are studying happily in International Schooling. When asked about their views on Online Homeschooling in Bahrain, they just can’t stop talking about it and say it is the best thing that happened to them,”  says Muhammed Tanzim Alam, a Manama resident.

Sharing a similar story, hundreds of new-age parents have started enrolling their kids in International Schooling every year because of its flexible, affordable, and future oriented world class American High School Curriculum. By now, you may think- Okay! But what is the pulling force? Is it even constructive to study in an online high school in Bahrain? Why should I choose to study at American Online Schools? Keep reading the following sections for the answers!

Advantages Your Kids with Love: Benefits of International Schooling in Bahrain

Online learning is also popularly known as e-learning. It means you study remotely, eliminating the need to be present in the confined four walls of a traditional classroom ecosystem. Therefore, it is also sometimes referred to as open or distance learning. 

Online education with International Schooling has emerged as a powerful schooling alternative for kids because of the flexibility, affordability, and credibility it offers vis a vis any traditional school. Besides, the ease and comfort of learning from their homes make the kids and parents equally happy. It also helps educators in the same manner and thus has become a win-win situation for all. 

Mr. Jubin Karunarathne, an expat from the island nation of Sri Lanka and now a resident of Ar Rifā’, Southern Governorate, says, “I moved to Bahrain about a decade back and worked as a laborer and built my life from the dust. I understand the value of quality childhood education. My wife and I never got the opportunity to educate ourselves. For our kids, we went here and there but couldn’t find a good quality and affordable school. Now, all three of my kids are doing excellent academically with International Schooling, which gives me tears of joy. At first, I thought I couldn’t afford the fees for three kids together but they helped us with installment options and sibling discounts. I thank the school for making this poor man’s dream of a brighter future for his kids. 

Like Mr Karunarathne, numerous other such parents vouch for the quality features and benefits they have experienced at International Schooling in Bahrain. To mention a few-


We all want some level of flexibility in our day to day affairs. Since we are rapidly adopting and asking for hybrid roles and work from home opportunities, it is becoming a buzzing phenomenon globally. This same should happen for our school-age kids. We don’t want to keep them on a fixed schooling routine, do we? 

The answer is crystal clear, isn’t it? International Schooling is the epitome of learning with flexibility. Miss Nazia says, “Being a single working mother of a special child, I faced many challenges with my kids’ schooling. I had become so distant from my kid’s educational progress. I was delighted When I learned about this school from a close colleague. They even support on-demand PTMs that are informative, engaging, and relaxing. I get real-time progress updates on his credits, strengths, and weaknesses. My past worries are gone forever. Thank you, International Schooling.”

Parents in Bahrain come from diverse backgrounds and have different commitments. They want flexible learning schedules where kids can have enough scope to pursue hobbies and develop personality. International Schooling offers each child a tailor-made learning method with ‘join-from-anywhere’ flexibility. We don’t want your kids to become bookworms and engage in mastering their hobbies as well. We offer optimized learning, assessment, and evaluation features to foster efficiency so they are never stressed about learning and passing the grades. 

We understand how one feels about being categorized as a school dropout. A golden opportunity awaits your child or yourself to kick start the schooling journey again with us because it’s never too late! We have seamless and adaptable learning methods to leave no learners behind. It’s your chance to be a part of the proud alums who restarted and excelled in education. Isn’t that exciting for you?

Quality Education:

Quality is indispensable, especially in learning, because it makes or breaks your career and life prospects. Education is said to be the key to success, but quality education is like unlocking the key to a brighter future. In the words of Mr Samuel, an immigrant worker settled in Al Muharraq, “Growing up as a careless lad, if I can pinpoint one thing that hindered me from succeeding in life was the lack of quality in schooling that I attended anywhere. I pity it and wish I had access to e-learning in International Schooling, the best American Online High School, just the way my kids have now in Bahrain. They offer a quality education where the Intelligence Quotient is amalgamated with the Emotional Quotient, which makes a person. What makes me happy is to see my kids learn from world-class teachers with curated content that ensures holistic development.”


Nowadays, no one wishes to compromise even slightly on the educational quality. Join International Schooling like Mr Samuel and experience the best educational outcomes for your kids with the advantages of online learning. We make learning as simple as possible and fun-filled to relieve your kid from the stress of learning. At the same time, our learning objectives are strictly per the global academic standards. So, let your kid study in our world-class American School Programs and be assured of success. We welcome you to the world of Online homeschooling in Bahrain!

Diversity of Programs:

God uniquely created every child with immense potential and abilities. They all seek a bit of handholding and early attention from us to rise and shine. For instance, a kid from an affluent and educated family may have all the facilities required to foster cognitive and intellectual capabilities.  But, the same can’t be valid for a refugee kid displaced from their native place facing hardships during early childhood. Therefore, the two sets of kids’ learning needs, speeds, and abilities differ. In other words, we can’t compare apples with oranges or promote a one-size-fits-all method in education.

Considering the diverse learning needs, International Schooling has developed customized learning plans. For instance, we have a Group Learning Plan and a Live One-to-One course. Your child can choose lesson times that fit their schedule, ensuring convenience and flexibility. Moreover, they are also provided access to many curated and quality learning materials, textbooks, online doubt-clearing sessions, and additional resources matching the chosen subjects or skills. This plan suits quick, disciplined, and self-paced learners. If you think your kid’s cognitive abilities are top-notch, the above plan may fit them to cover courses quickly. These are just a few of the advantages of online learning with us.

We have a Live Group Learning method for those who want to join a small group of students from the same time zone. Here, the focus is on group learning and personality grooming. Our dedicated teachers handle all sorts of queries during live sessions and comfort every child if they face challenges while learning complex concepts. “My special child Neelam faced issues while learning math and science. I had to change multiple physical schools before learning about International Schooling. One-to-one Live sessions have done wonders for my child, and she has shown great progress in math and science and fallen in love with personalized learning”, says Mr Danish Hussain, a Hamad Town resident. Stories like that of Neelam reaffirm the faith of parents in us. It also motivates the school in its constant endeavor to excel.


The cost of schooling should never bother any parent, regardless of their socio-economic background. We aim to make quality education available to every kid across the world. Therefore, online homeschooling in Bahrain with International Schooling has been made more affordable than any traditional school. We have ensured a well-structured and cheapest fee structure is published online with no hidden charges. In addition, we are bound to save you thousands of hard-earned money spent on your child’s school uniform and accessories, commute, hostel accommodation, etc. Our programs have such benefits and comforts that throughout the schooling journey, you will feel relaxed. We further encourage parents to experience the Live One-to-One programs at least once to see the wonders personalized learning can do for their kids.

Moreover, the school’s mission is to offer generous scholarships to deserving and needy on a case-by-case basis. Besides, we allow humble background parents to have easy monthly installment plans and sibling discounts. Enroll now and experience the change!

Want Something More? Check Out the Unique Features of International Schooling in Bahrain

Customized Learning

Bahrain’s school education system is famous for being progressive and accommodating. It promotes mandatory fundamental and universal education until middle school and free education until high school.  We have created unique and customized learning methodologies considering the changing educational dynamics in the world. We help your kids become future ready but at their own pace. At International Schooling, children attain their full potential rather than getting consumed in the rhetoric of traditional schooling. 

Our American Online High School curriculum respects Bahrain’s cultural ethos and modern industrial requirements. Your child will get the world’s best online high school diploma and successful schooling. They become future-ready to easily ace all upcoming exams, university entrance tests, and interviews for higher education and even corporate jobs.

Access to Resources

When everything is online nowadays, nobody wants to jostle for learning resources. At International Schooling, we always offer your child access to the most student-friendly digital learning resources. Our vast digital libraries with curated books, videos, podcasts, and other quality study materials are just a click away. In addition, you can contact our highly qualified and trained faculty and support staff, powered by cutting-edge digital infrastructure, for your 360-degree support system.

Technology Integration

The 21st century is the age of technology and its application in various fields. The same applies to digital learning, where tech integration is as important as the learning content. Therefore, we at International Schooling incorporate the spatial-temporal needs of the 21st century. Our IT and digital infrastructure aids kids’ learning process during their schooling journey. We invite parents to take a free virtual demo school tour and experience the power of e-learning.

Sounds Great! Then, Why Wait? Check International Schooling’s Enrollment Process

International Schooling Accreditation and Quality Assurance


We are accredited by Cognia, USA, the world’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious school accreditation body. One of the most important things you should ask as a parent when attending any school is whether they are accredited and recognized worldwide. It is crucial because an independent and unbiased third-party quality assurance and evaluation is necessary for your satisfaction. It provides the hallmark for quality education at International Schooling. We have earned the accreditation certificate through our constant efforts to show excellent educational service. The external agency sets challenging parameters and personally visits to conduct fact-checking exercises, surveys, and quality testing before awarding the recognition certificate. We are trusted globally and recognized as a benchmark in the top universities. The Cognia recognition validates our online diplomas, certificates, awards, and credits to the leading universities in the world.

Quality Control

uality checking is necessary for a sound schooling ecosystem. You will only succeed if honest feedback or a quality assurance mechanism exists. At International Schooling, we plan regular and unbiased quality checks. Even for the minor glitches, the issues are taken seriously. We prioritize your satisfaction. We offer quality homeschooling for your kids. Our visionary founders and all the stakeholders engage and provide constructive input to help us attain the best quality online homeschooling in Bahrain.


Unwavering Support System: International Schooling Student Support Services

As parents and students, we want to be heard and our queries resolved immediately by the school authorities. We respect your time and efforts and never wish to make you wait for long. Keeping that in mind, at International Schooling, we have a sound student support system, just a text/call/email away in case you need any help during the entire homeschooling journey. We assure our students and parents of 24/7 support. We are there for you regardless of region, language, background, etc. Your child and their concerns are always our top priority. International Schooling is available for you all the time; test it anytime!

We understand the technical glitches you may face from time to time, given the nature of the e-learning ecosystem. No worries at all! Our IT and digital ecosystem addresses your questions no matter how trivial. You can’t find this facility at any physical learning center. Just shoot a query and see the response in seconds! Enroll your kid at International Schooling and get ready to learn using a computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. A hassle-free online schooling experience awaits you at International Schooling; join us now!

Check These Honest Shout-outs: International Schooling Success Stories

Homeschool  Student Testimonials:

Happy Parent Testimonials:


We understand how important it is for you and how serious and dedicated you are to your kids’ education as a parent. It is challenging and enjoyable at the same time if you have the proper support. We offer immersive online learning content with trained teachers who motivate students to learn. Our Cognia, USA accredited American Online High School curriculum will prepare your kids for life. International Schooling welcomes you on a journey that will give you much satisfaction. Enroll your ki online homeschooling in Bahrain.

Experience the world’s most student-friendly and accredited Online School. Our American Curriculum has customized learning plans depending on what suits your kids the best. We offer online schooling for children from KG to 12 in Bahrain. Be among the best with us. Your kid has immense learning potential, and we will make them shine. 

Enroll today and join the revolution in online education!


Answer 1: You can start homeschooling at any age based on your child’s curiosity. However, the local Department of Education can provide a more specific answer based on the regional laws.

Answer 2: Yes. International Schooling, a Cognia, USA-accredited American curriculum online school, has served learners from Bahrain since 2017.

Answer 3: Yes, even for expat kids, homeschooling has been a good alternative.

Answer 4: Yes, even for expat kids, homeschooling has been a good alternative.

Answer 5: The two significant advantages of homeschooling are learning flexibility and personalized attention.

International Schooling Is All Set To Serve Students In Bahrain!

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