When Conventional School Fails – Try Homeschooling

Elementary school kids arrive at school from the school bus

Some students do very well in school, but there are some who are very unhappy and miserable and just do not fit in. My daughter was one of the miserable ones. She just hated school and would cry when we forced her to go to school every morning. After a few months we found that we were getting bad remarks from school and our child was lying to us. She did not tell us about assignments or projects. There were no friends she spoke of and she was generally listless and unhappy.

We took the difficult decision of starting her with homeschooling

The change was immediate; she perked up when she was not forced to get up to go to school. We learnt that she was happier getting up a little late.

The next revelation came when we set up her work station. She loved working at her lessons with us. Apparently she was a tad slow and the teacher at her regular school got a little impatient with her. She was soon at par with her lessons when she got personalized care from us.

Our child is a little fidgety and cannot sit still for long. This had got her into trouble in school. At home she took more frequent breaks and settled down to her day easily. This was maybe another reason why her teacher used to reprimand her.

She now does her lessons with joy and is her teachers pet. She accesses her teacher through emails and messages and is encouraged firmly but with a lot of patience to complete her assignments on time.

She enjoys the projects and assessments and is doing very well in her homeschooling program. We chose one of the most reputed organizations like International Schooling to give her the best option. She hopes to go to college to study and hopes to be a teacher one day.

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