The Diary of a Homeschool Graduate

Writing tasks down in diary

I am Anne Green, a homeschool graduate from International Schooling. Having experienced classroom learning in a conventional school, being homeschooled came as a very pleasant change for me. My old school was nice but boring. I needed an accelerated and exciting learning program which suited my need for advanced learning. I was happy to have found International Schooling as a suitable answer to my needs. The standard of teaching was high, and the mentors were very responsive. I got adequate learning material which satisfied my zeal to learn more and faster.

I believe it was my parents’ support to go for a learning model that offered a flexible schedule and allowed me time to pursue my passions. I still remember, we became a homeschooling family when my father had to move to Malaysia for business. We lived in the suburbs and my days were filled with outdoor play, nature walks, long hikes and exploration.

When I had enrolled in International Schooling I was the only homeschooler among my friends. However, it wasn’t too long till my friends realized the benefits of homeschooling in Malaysia and they jumped on the homeschooling bandwagon.

My location my time :

The ‘My Location My Time’ philosophy of International Schooling program gave me an opportunity to do a couple of part-time jobs along with school. I did paper routes in the morning, leaving the rest of the day free to study. This provided me with some extra income, which, I spent on Piano lessons. There was a gifted artist who lived near our place and gave private lessons for Piano and Violin. I enrolled there and soon became a regular. Just a few months into the lessons, I was already participating in state-level shows. Before long, I got the opportunity of a lifetime when my Piano instructor asked me to play in a prestigious charity event hosted at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre. Had it not been for International Schooling, I would have never got such a wonderful opportunity.

International Schooling has truly changed my life. From being a shy and coy girl at a small school that did not carry the courses that I wanted to study, to being a performer who is now travelling the world while pursuing her passion – International Schooling made all of this possible!

Since I started travelling a lot for shows and events I had a sense of security knowing that I had discovered International Schooling, a fully accredited online schooling platform that allows students the freedom to complete their education from any place in the world. I was able to fulfil my aspiration by continuing my studies with International Schooling as the school allowed me to set my own pace and also brought me back on track if I ever got too slow.

Pursuing my passion :

My career as a Piano player was very important to me (it still is) and I didn’t want to give up on the opportunity to get a high school diploma. The well designed online homeschooling program at International Schooling has been a blessing in disguise. I was able to attend the classes at my convenience. The flexible timings allowed me to give time to my piano practice. I used to rest in the afternoon and attend my online homeschool classes in the evening. The teachers were very responsive and I had no difficulty in following the lessons.

I used to study when I wanted, where I wanted. I used to complete my assignments on time and got good grades in the evaluation tests. My parents were relieved that I was able to pursue a stable education and I was beyond happy that I got to devote a lot of time to my passion.

My parents never insisted on a brick and mortar school where I had to attend classes every day while listening to uninspired lectures all day long. I am thankful for my parents’ willingness to choose a decent program for homeschooling in Malaysia and their encouragement and support in letting me pursue my dreams. I wish more parents will adopt this mindset and allow their children to choose a flexible and all-encompassing learning model that allows them to explore who they are and what they want to be!

— Anne

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