Is an Online School Right for Your Child?

From all of the available schooling options, we have to scrutinize the benefits/advantages of online schools and evaluate if they are right for us or not.

Choosing a perfect school for the child can be the most difficult decision for parents! And with the growing schooling options in the landscape, it is further getting more and more complicated. Now parents and students can choose between numerous brick-and-mortar schools.

And they have some great options of 100% online schools.

While all of us know quite a lot about traditional schools. Many of us are still unaware of the designs and advantages of 100% online schools. This knowledge will help you to understand this new schooling option better. And it will also help you to decide if an online school is right for your child?

Read further to know more about the advantages of International Schooling, the best online high school!

Benefits of Online Schooling

1. High-quality learning at home

You can now bid goodbye to all quality-related challenges of traditional schools. Because this accredited online school offers world-class quality education in the most convenient way ever!

It has the world’s most advanced high-quality educational content. And a student can complete K-12 school education while being at home.

It is now possible to graduate on time without attending a physical campus. And trust me, it is a great advantage especially if you compare it with a traditional school.

<In the U.S., only 86% of the public high school students earned a high school diploma within the right duration of 4 years (in 2018-19)>

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2. You can tailor schooling as per your lifestyle

A student can now continue with studies at any place or time of the day. Because International Schooling brings the school right where the student is!

Choosing an online school sets them free from the buzzing bells of a typical school. And they can be the masters of their learning without any external interference.

Students can comfortably divide their study time as per individual learning needs. And they can even reduce the assigned time for topics/courses that they are already thorough with.

3. International Schooling has a dedicated teaching faculty

At International Schooling, we make sure that our students are not left to struggle alone. Their home-based self-study duration is supported by a team of trained online teachers.

Students and teachers stay in touch through the online learning platform. And students are provided with a defined number of virtual classes for real-time teacher handholding. Students can also chat, message, or e-mail teachers as and when they need their help.

Our online teachers upload modules, divide these into lessons, plan assessments and monitor the student’s performance. And in this way, they help students throughout their school journey.

Online teachers create an individualized learning opportunity for each enrolled student. And in this way, they ensure that all students across age groups learn better.

Live online classes with the teachers can help the students to achieve the same quality of learning, right from their homes.

4. Students develop advanced digital skills

According to the Pew Research Center, 66% of the working professionals are employed in the computer/IT industry.

You already know that tech skills are important in this fast-paced digital world.

And International Schooling is the right platform to help your child develop these much-needed technical skills. Online courses/credentials/degrees/diplomas are an extra advantage in any candidate’s job profile/resume. Because online education focuses more on skill-based learning. It is a medium for relevant education.

Hence, it creates a positive impact on a student’s future prospects. Online students also know how to handle technical glitches. And their advanced problem-solving skills are an added advantage.

5. Students can also graduate with more and better credits

With International Schooling, students can save a lot of time.  And this time can be used to study extra courses with their ongoing program. They can graduate with more credits. And these extra academic achievements are an advantage during college admissions. Course options such as advanced placement, honors, electives improve a student’s college and career readiness.

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These extra courses also have some great long-term advantages. It makes the study of disciplines easier at the post-secondary level. Our school goes the extra mile to create such opportunities for students. For instance, we offer options to improve credits (credit recovery) and acknowledge previous achievements by accepting the credits already earned from other schools (through the credit transfer option).

6. All types of learners can learn better

An online school is not limited to physical premises. Hence, it can also serve students with physical and learning disabilities better.

International Schooling has an easy-to-use learning platform. And our mix of resources can be effectively used by students with disabilities. Our automated feedback mechanisms support better learning. And we have the provisions to modify instructions as per a student’s unique needs. The best online high school is a unique platform for each student. Hence, a student with disabilities can be safe and learn without worrying about matching the pace of any other student. This medium eliminates all types of school threats. So, a student need not worry about issues like school violence, peer pressure or bullying, etc.

In short, we address and cater to all students including the ones with physical or learning disabilities.

Online schooling helps accommodate students with all learning styles and needs.

7. Knowledge stays with the students for longer

Do you know how much information does a student retains (remember) in a traditional classroom?

It’s just 8 to 10%

But if we compare the same with online learning it is much better!

As per the World Economic Forum, students tend to retain/remember 25 to 60% more information. And this happens because they take less time to learn in an online learning environment. They can repeat or skip online content as per their understanding of any topic. Besides, this mode of learning is also more fun and interesting for the students. Students can enjoy an immersive learning experience  through graphics, presentations, audio lectures, and other eye-catchy resources. And the learning stays permanently in their minds in the form of concepts.

International Schooling is not just at par but miles ahead of a regular school!

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