Why Parents are Choosing International Schooling in Singapore? Know Here!

Parents teaching daughter

“My child is really into basketball and I really did not see the point on why he should sit through the mathematics class.” Samuel believes that his son can spend the time practicing rather than crunching numbers.

Jaon has another view. She says, “My daughter loves history and we helped her to pick her subjects that revolve around history. She learns a foreign language in her course which most schools don’t allow.”

Nathan, on the other hand, believes that in Singapore Homeschooling gives parents an opportunity to spend more time with their kids. “I work night-shifts. Since my kids are at home during the day, I get to see them more. I can actually sit down with them and help them learn.”

The best homeschools in Singapore are attracting more and more parents towards the path of virtual schooling. The concept involves registering with accredited programs like International Schooling in Singapore to receive formal education.

Is homeschooling legal in Singapore?

As a parent, you must seek permission from the Ministry of Education in your country to homeschool your child. If approved, the ministry will provide you with books and curriculum that you are required to follow and at the end of the course, your child has to sit through a test.

While this may sound like normal school only from home, it is the curriculum that creates the difference. Homeschool timings typically start from 9 am and the first task of your child is to make their bed. Your child even gets responsibilities like help in the kitchen or lay out the dishes which help them to learn the family values.

As Emily picked the subjects for her daughter, you can handpick subjects matching your child’s interest. Eliminating the unnecessary topics allows your child to focus on other areas where they can really grow. Samuel reserves the afternoons for his son to get some training daily which could never have been possible had he opted for conventional schooling.

Nearly all countries require their children to go to primary school until a certain age. For homeschooling, the process involves taking a test after your child reaches that age. If he/she qualifies with the minimum required marks, he/she will be eligible for any senior school like any other child.

And if you are worried about your child’s exposure to the outside world, let me tell you that the children homeschooled in Singapore actually have a community of their own. The homeschooling mothers in Singapore are also a part of a large community where they share resources and issues related to virtual schooling. You are required to visit other homeschooling families according to the curriculum to give your child exposure.

Homeschools cover all aspects of conventional schooling and comes with added advantages as well. Your child gets to learn what he or she wants and you get more time to spend with them. The question remains, are you ready to follow Samuel and Emily? If yes visit www.internationalschooling.org and register today!

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