Homeschooling In Singapore vs Regular School – And There Is One Clear Winner!

Homeschooling In Singapore vs Regular School

The concept of homeschooling in Singapore is not new. It was prevalent during the early years until regular schooling set in, but it is coming back again and reclaiming its lost fame. Currently, over 3% of all American families have opted for homeschooling over traditional ones and the number is similar across other countries like the UK, Canada, Singapore and many others.

What all makes homeschooling in Singapore this much popular? How is it winning over traditional schooling which has been in our system for generations? Do children actually benefit from studying at home and staying away from schools? Here is a comparative study to help clear your doubts and make a better decision. Let’s begin.

With homeschooling in Singapore, you can design the curriculum fitting your child’s needs

Regular schools have the same curriculum for all. They do not have the choice to customise for a single child and must look after all. With homeschooling in Singapore, the focus is just on your child. If he/she loves history, you can give your child the subjects that revolve around history. There is no need to burden him/her with science or mathematics which regular schools do.

Your child’s company is his/her family

Regular schools bring in students from all spheres of the world. You have no control over what your child picks up or what environment he/she faces. With virtual homeschooling, your child stays at home, learns their values from you and you get to monitor their growth. You shape their mental development and help with their learning process.

Unlike regular schools, there’s no pressure of a fixed routine

Homeschooling can start at any time that is suitable for you and your child. Regular schools cannot have such flexibility. Your child may perform best during the evening and you can design the homeschooling course to start right after sundown. He/she can use the morning for physical activities which do help in their overall growth.

Homeschooling is less about stress and more about learning

With the freedom to design their course, you can design your child’s assignment in a way where he/she can actually learn the subject. While regular schools will set your child an essay to write on a particular topic in history, your kind of assignment can include a visit to the local museum. This makes learning fun and your child retains better.

Still, considering regular schooling?

Homeschooling in Singapore or anywhere else is strictly monitored by the Education Ministry to ensure teaching quality. There is hardly any difference of homeschooling with regular schooling except the fact it comes with obvious added advantages. It is, without doubt, the clear winner between the two and it’s about time that you start considering virtual homeschooling for your child.

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