The Ultimate Guide: Is Homeschooling in hong kong Right for Kid?

Mother homeschooling daughter in Hong Kong

Just because something is popular, does not mean it is right. The same thing applies to conventional schooling. The bricks and mortar schooling paradigm have been established since time immemorial however that doesn’t mean it is the correct path for every child. With many families considering virtual homeschooling as a viable alternative, one can’t help but ask what are the advantages of homeschooling?

Advantages of homeschooling in Hong Kong

The concept has more advantages than the mere benefit of your child staying at home. Homeschooling helps both you and your child in uncountable ways. You get an opportunity to be the child’s mentor, instil family values in them and help them to grow in an environment of your choice. You bond better and your child has more family time.

Apart from these, the other benefits of homeschooling in Hong Kong include:

Freedom of selecting the curriculum

You can decide the subjects your child will learn. If he or she is interested in economics, you can select national history as additional instead of forcing them to learn literature.

Control over your schedule

Your day will start according to your schedule. The learners can study when they perform the best and even the homework will depend on how much they learn.

More focus on other interests

With the fixed school hours out of the way, your child can focus better on other activities. They can get into sports or learn music at their preferred time.

Is homeschooling in Hong Kong for you?
    • If your job demands a lot of travelling
    • If you want your child to learn their values from within the family
    • Or, see your child learn what they desire to

Then homeschooling is definitely the right option for you. Without a doubt, it gives you the necessary freedom. Just like traditional schools, accredited online schooling also involves grades and getting certified by the education ministry. But the bonus is that with programs like International Schooling in Hong Kong you get more time with your child, the time that schools usually tend to take away.

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