Homeschooling in Singapore: Is It Right for Your Child 

Homeschooling in Singapore

In March 1991, the USAir magazine brought to light a new form of education – homeschooling. It had then stated that it counted almost 500,000 children were enrolled in homeschool education and speculated that the number was only half of the actual figure. By the end of 2017, there are over 2 million homeschooling families who have opted out of the traditional norm and are following the education by choice.

The current scenario

  • Homeschooling is legal in all the 50 States of the US and falls within the jurisdiction of Right to Education.
  • Australia, Canada and New Zealand have also followed a similar path.
  • South Africa had legalised the concept back in 1996.
  • Europe is seeing a stark rise as well. Countries like the UK, Germany and the Netherlands are currently having high demands.

Asian countries like Singapore have also followed the trend. In India, although it’s yet to be legalised, the education ministry has not opposed to the concept of homeschooling.

The reason for the popularity of homeschool in Singapore

A recent study interviewed 30 odd homeschooling mothers worldwide to pinpoint the reason parents opt for homeschooling in Singapore. They were presented with 4 themes on why they choose the same.

  1. Control on daily life
  2. Lifestyle it presented
  3. More Family time
  4. Staying with children

A majority of the moms opted for the first two themes. This goes on to prove that homeschooling not only gives the child freedom to study but also liberates the parents.

With homeschooling in Singapore, you can eliminate the subjects that your child doesn’t need. Together, you can focus on other activities that your child wants to pursue as a career. Plus, you are free from your daily routine and can pursue any dream that you have always kept on hold.

Homeschooling in Singapore – The right way

In traditional schools, a child receives a mere 1:5 attention, while in homeschooling, the focus is 1:1. You can nurture your child’s talents, give him/her the best education and keep learning as the central focus. Join the 2 million happy families and walk on this exciting journey.

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