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A Forced Vacation

A luxurious hotel set against a breathtaking backdrop of a beach, surrounded by lush greens. Exotic suites with exquisite designs, lobbies and balconies decorated with stunning chandeliers and artworks. A hundred Guests from different corners of the world are invited to stay for four days and three nights. Accommodation, food and drinks were on the house. At the end of their stay, they were asked to review the hotel. The hotel got a big zero and much flak. Yes, that’s true. Want to know why? The guests were not allowed to move out of their rooms, and they were made to eat the same food over and over again. Would you like to stay at such a hotel, even for free? At least I won’t. Isn’t it shocking? Is the story real? Do such hotels exist?

It’s a true story. We are the owners and promoters of such hotels, and the unfortunate guests are, our kids. We send them off to luxurious schools, loaded with facilities where rote memorization is forced down their throats. Every student is made to learn the same subject and expected to grasp it at the same time and produce the same results. Our aim is crystal clear, finish high school. Instead, education is finished. We spend our hard-earned money on personalized experiences on anything but education.

Why Digital Education Or Online High School?

Digitization has transformed education from curriculum-centric to student-centric. Enrollment into online schooling for high school levels enables to combat the flaws of the traditional brick and mortar education system by providing a customized instruction set and student-teacher interactions on digital platforms, which allows every student to explore and express.

High schools online are no miracles developed overnight; they have evolved to provide pedagogical practices making learning happen.

Knowledge is valued

Students in traditional high schools often struggle with sharing thoughts and listening. High schools online implement paired communication, student-teacher, student-student and teacher-parent-student as well. Such interactions result in knowledge exchange, not just knowledge delivery from one end to another. Students can explore all avenues of the topic(s) of their interest while pursuing education through online schooling.

Learning never sleeps

Digitization has closed the gaps; now learning is omnipresent. The reach is beyond boundaries. All students and teachers reside in your smart devices and are a click away. High schools online are always at a learner’s disposal. Teachers can wield their tremendous power and create an impact on every single student they meet online. Online schooling seems fairly easy as there is always ground for communication through digital channels.

Content in discomfort

High schools online are a new concept. Even teachers are learning to deal with digitization. It’s a blessing in disguise for students, as online schooling is not based on the one-to-many model as compared to traditional high schools. It’s a pure one-to-one model. Students can improve their communication skills and express themselves confidently. Students, as well as teachers, are co-creators and co-learners. Finally, a high school where both, students and teachers are on the same page.

Finish High School Online – Just Click To Connect

International Schooling, the first online school outside the US territory, accredited by AdvancED, headquartered in Singapore. International Schooling serves middle and high school students (grades 6 to 12) allowing them to choose from more than 70 middle and high school courses. Furthermore, Advanced Placement courses are designed for undergraduate students to prepare for admission to Ivy League colleges. The digital content is meticulously prepared to enhance the quality of learning to support individual learning needs. Students can finish high school online along with an authentic outcome as International Schooling provides an American High School Diploma accredited by AdvancED. At International Schooling, learners are supported to become self-directed, which makes it a worthy option to pursue online schooling for high schools. High-quality education is available at your doorstep, with International Schooling.

Flexible learning with high-quality authentic outcomes, in short, online schooling. In addition to this, high schools online will evolve further with evolving technology and constant feedback from all the pedagogical elements.

Switching to high schools online is a significant challenge as swallowing your rigid notions requires courage. One can make life a vacation or crave for a vacation for life. Finish high school online to comprehendible learning.

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