Techniques of Brainstorming: Effective Online Teaching Methodologies

Techniques of Brainstorming

Indeed the magical touch of a great teacher adds both meaning and value to a student’s learning. A great teacher not only knows the exact use of teaching methodologies but also helps to bring out the best in a student.  

In our series of online teaching methodologies, we are discussing these strategies and methodologies that create a foundation of lifelong learning. The best online high school makes use of these methodologies to improve a student’s learning experiences.

Brainstorming is one such effective tool in the hands of an online teacher

Definition and Techniques of brainstorming in an online learning environment

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” This famous quote by Benjamin Franklin throws light on the importance of active student involvement in the learning process.

We already know that the stepping stones of quality education at the school level help a student to achieve success at the post-secondary level. While every educational institution is striving hard to create the best learning experiences, a virtual high school has already offered solutions. Brainstorming is used by teachers in the form of online sessions for problem-solving involving a group of students.

Simply put, ‘Brainstorming’ is used to find new solutions and thoughts related to a common topic.

Techniques of Brainstorming in a virtual high school are opportunities to interact and explore new thoughts and ideas.

(1) Brainstorming helps in divergent/out of box thinking

At an accredited online school, we are keen to make our students ‘successful online learners’. With the help of brainstorming techniques and sessions, an online teacher promotes ‘out of box thinking’. As the students get involved in finding possible solutions to a problem, it is obvious that they develop high-order thinking skills. A teacher allows the freedom of thought and expression thereby promoting advanced thinking for relevant solutions.

(2) A perfect ambience to generate new ideas

Online school benefits include perfect opportunities for peer interactions amongst natives of different countries. Through a brainstorming session, an online teacher gives the right amount of freedom to a student so that he/she can share his/her views effectively without the stress of being judged. Yes, at times there are chances of one-sided discussions and dominance. However, experienced online teachers know how to channelize the energy of students well. 

Now, these opportunities are definitely great for public speaking but are these sufficient?

Well! These sessions have certain hidden advantages as well.

A student learns how to respect everyone’s ideas in a group. Also, the importance of body language and the appropriate selection of words are also some other passive benefits of these sessions. Really fruitful, isn’t it?

(3) Covers all possible angles of dealing with a problem

When a virtual high school teacher utilizes these techniques of brainstorming and plans these sessions, the idea is to create a shared pool of knowledge.

During these sessions, a student can analyze a problem from various angles in a common setting. As these sessions help in offering more than one solution for a problem, students also break free from any biases. As a group, students move closer to solving a problem and see solutions from a wider and logical perspective.

(4) Improves communication skills and public speaking

A carefully planned brainstorming session is also a perfect way to boost the level of confidence in students. Online teachers make every effort to create a positive and friendly atmosphere. As a result, students improve their communication skills and become better communicators. An excellent opportunity to express oneself indeed!

(5) Broadens the horizons of knowledge

Lastly, the important aspect of exploring new gateways to knowledge cannot be ignored. While the students move from random thoughts to concrete resolutions, they create memorable and enriched experiences. Their existing knowledge improves in leaps and bounds by the end of these sessions. This way they avail online school benefits both actively and passively.

Final words:

Conducting a brainstorming session is a perfect way to encourage team building and foster problem-solving. In an online learning environment, this methodology ensures that the participants are 100% active and involved all the time. Therefore, it is rightly said that well-planned and interactive techniques of brainstorming can certainly bring out the best in a student!

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