Decoding the top 7 Online schooling Benefits

Online schooling benefits

John Dewey, an American philosopher has aptly summarized the importance of education. He says, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” (quoted). Indeed, education makes all the difference in the lives of an individual. It is a passport to good living and promotes a sense of worth in a person’s life.

Good quality education is acknowledged as a right of every child. However, the real picture of education worldwide unveils the challenges of the industry.

Amongst these challenges of access to quality education and universal inclusion, online education comes in as a great relief!

The popularity of online education is on an increasing trend. This popularity can be mapped with the growing revenue of the eLearning industry. As per a report, the worldwide eLearning markets are believed to exceed a revenue estimation of 243 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2022 (source-‘Statista’).

Let’s explore further and understand the top 7 online schooling benefits:

(1) Opportunity for independent and personalized learning-

You must often be wondering, why online school is better than conventional schools? Well, online schooling allows students to create a personalized study space for themselves. They enjoy the blessing of a flexible study and devote time to their schooling as per their choice. With the blessing of fully k-12 online schools, students can tailor their education around other commitments. By doing this they can also enjoy a chunk of free time that can be used to sharpen skillsets further or hobbies.

They can decide their pace of completing topics to gain mastery over a period of time. This advanced understanding of topics is an added advantage for attaining formal education i.e. identifying specialization in disciplines. Online schooling benefits also includes instilling a sense of independence in students as they become the masters of their own study plans. Independent online students possess highly advanced skills. Hence, they are likely to succeed at every step in their upcoming journey as well.

(2) Makes high-quality education accessible-

Coming to the accessibility factor, online schooling makes best-quality education accessible across the world. An accredited online school brings in the best-quality education within the home premises of a student. With an internet connection and a device, students can access coursework 24/7/365. Rich online content makes this educational journey all the more enriched and fruitful for students.

(3) A blessing for struggling and at-risk students-

As per UNESCO, retention of primary school age group students is still a challenge. One of its reports shows that 31.2 million primary students dropped out of mainstream schools. While traditional schools still struggle with the challenges of education, online schooling has started with remedial action. Fully online k-12 schooling has helped students to graduate on time rather than dropping out of school or failing. As per the Ministry of education, USA online curriculum has saved potential 250,000 students to stay in school. Self-paced and flexible study schedules of an online school cater to the learning needs of non-traditional and struggling students perfectly. These students get flexible study schedules, optimum handholding of teachers and ample time to clarify concepts in an online school. Eventually, this helps them to thrive easily in an online schooling environment.

(4) Improved interactions with peers and teachers-

Another factor that makes online schooling a futuristic option for students is the quality of interactions. Blended models of online schooling are a great opportunity for interaction with teachers. Synchronous classes are also a great platform for students to communicate with their peers from other parts of the world. They can broaden their horizons of knowledge and come across various viewpoints of their peers.

(5) Suits the varied learning needs of every learner

Moving on, as we know that individual learning styles impact the nature and personality of a student and directly affect the way a student learns. Online schooling is a customized solution to meet the varied learning needs of students. Students belonging to different learning styles fit in perfectly within an online learning environment. A mix of researched teaching pedagogies and online curricula help each student to excel academically. Effective online instruction delivery works great with varied learning styles. With a scope of individual preferences, online schooling helps each student to thrive better.

(6) Reduces the overall cost

Another factor that can make a huge difference for students is the cost of education. Online education reduces the cost of physical infrastructure and maintenance largely. This helps in reducing the overall cost of education for students. It is estimated that online education is more cost-effective than traditional education. Online schooling is a great advantage for students as it can help them reduce their cost of education without compromising on its quality.

(7) More choices for productive learning 

Last but not the least, online schooling offers a vast array of options for students. Unlike traditional schools, accredited online schools have a wide variety of online courses to choose from. Students can explore various options and plan their career paths before they graduate from high school. Online schooling makes it possible for them. You also have an option to earn extra credits by enrolling part-time in accredited online schools. This helps in improving your credentials and making way for higher education.

International Schooling offers a happy and distraction-free learning environment for students. Our K-12 programs are easy to understand and fun to learn with. The flexible schedule and teaching support help in having the best possible international education at your doorsteps.

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