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Credits determine the academic progress of the students. It shows the completion of the minimum level of academic achievements required to be a high school graduate. Credit hours are divided into semesters and add up as a final count. Earning the required number of credits can be extremely challenging for many students. In the year 2017 ministry of education in the USA had reported a 5.4% drop out rate between the age group of 16 to 24. Credit recovery was introduced as a school improvement strategy for struggling students.

What is Credit Recovery?

Credit Recovery is a second opportunity for students who have fallen behind and want to recover credit(s). It helps the students to take up a course again and earn that particular lost credit. Therefore, the students who had not been successful in earning credit(s) in the past can take up this second chance to re-earn credit. With the help of this option, students can graduate with better credits. Eventually, this earned credit gets added to the final performance of the student. Online learning helps the students to take up the coursework as per their convenience and make up for the lost credit with ease. Apart from a previous failure in earning credit, if one is not satisfied with an existing credit a student can improve one’s performance and earn a better score with this option. Both ways this option helps the students with their academic achievements (more credits and better scores).

Accredited online school, International Schooling helps the students to recover their lost credits

International Schooling believes in the academic success of each student. With International Schooling, your dream to graduate on time will not be tarnished. Our academic support team will guide you through a comprehensive study schedule wherein you can recover your lost credits and wash out the stigma of academic backwardness forever. International Schooling’s credit recovery online high school options give struggling students across the world can regain their chances of decent employment opportunities in the job markets. You can choose to re-earn your lost credits and that too without any physical travel and academic stress

International Schooling’s credit recovery option is open for the middle and high school students who:
  • Have missed the assessments due to some reason and are falling behind
  • Are struggling to reach the minimum passing grades
  • Wish to qualify for a specific course
  • Need this option for their career progression

How does International Schooling’s Credit Recovery Program make this possible?

You can enroll in International Schooling and recover your credits with the help of our academic support. With our expert teaching faculty, we help all types of learners to root out the academic gaps and foster mastery learning and conceptual understanding. International Schooling stands for student-centric pedagogical strategies. Our core structure enshrines the values of self-paced convenient education that fits in the lifestyle of one and all. We do not promote an intimidating environment therefore, our platform has the feasibility of on-request one ’o one student-teacher interaction. Being the best online high school, we also provide 24*7 counselor support that helps them to design their self-study schedule. Through our counseling sessions, we also help the students to select the right courses as per their career aspirations.

Benefits of International Schooling’s Credit Recovery Program

  • Study at your own pace.
  • Individualized attention by the faculty members.
  • Personalized study patterns to help all types of learners.
  • Less academic stress.
  • Reduces academic gaps.
  • Improves academic consistency by improving the subject matter knowledge.
  • Strengthens the understanding of the concept for the next stage.
  • Graduate on time despite a past failure.
  • No fear of lagging behind from peers.
  • Increase in self-confidence.
  • Struggling students can come back on track.
  • Higher self-esteem and motivation level.

Get back on track with International Schooling’s Credit Recovery Program

Our team of certified educators will help you to obtain the credits through a planned and structured learning plan. Flexible study schedules at our online platform find its place within your lifestyle with ease. We create an instructional environment that brings out the best in our students. Our teaching practices comprise of the most researched techniques and approaches to grasp concepts and develop subject matter understanding. Autonomy blended with structured online delivery models helps in remedial learning with the ultimate learning outcomes. Our experienced teaching faculty is expert in gauging the academic capabilities of the students. This helps in understanding the individual needs better followed by personalized educational planning. With a customized educational plan you are bound to thrive academically.

Re-earning Credits can make all the difference

Academic progress is directly linked with the self-esteem of the students. Students who fall behind their peers tend to suffer isolation and fall prey to mental health issues. A proactive effort to graduate with better credits can help you avoid any unpleasant consequence of uncalled-for academic struggles. Timely interventions to improve academic results. So if you did not pass in the first go or wish to graduate with better credits, do not wait anymore. We accept enrollments round the year. International Schooling gives struggling students and out of school students across the world a chance to redeem themselves and re-create their road map to success with their credit recovery online high school options.

Still wondering, how to make up high school credits? Join us and be rest assured that Together we can eliminate the chances of falling behind! Choose to graduate your way with International Schooling’s credit recovery options!

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